Golden shredded hash brown

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hello good day everyone today we're making snacks for your kids or a whole family this potato hash brown is ultimate brunch so lets start.


4 tbsp all purpose flour

6 garlic clove

500g fresh potato

chili powder 1/2 tbsp

paprika 1/2 tbsp

cheese spread 2 tbsp

salt 1 tsp

black pepper powder 1 tsp

mozzarella cheese 1 cup

vegetable oil or olive oil for frying


  • peel the potato and grated it and soak with cold water for about 5 minutes and remove the water used clean cloth to squeeze it very lightly.

  • preheated a non stick pan pour 1 tbsp of oil stir the shredded potato for only 2 minutes then turn off the fire let it cool .

  • in a large bowl combine all the ingredients together with the lightly cooked potato. mixed it by your hand evenly . take a small amount roll it in you palm and flatten it repeated the procedure till the last amount .

  • preheated the pan in low fire pour olive oil maybe 2-3 tbsp then start frying the hash potato 9 - 12 minuted in each side or untill the potato is cooked and crispy but take note be careful not to burn .

  • serve with ranch sauce mixed with mayonnaise and chopped mint best eat immediately.

I hope this simple snack suit to your taste .

happy eating thank you

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