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This is not going to be the end yet! (Practicing for the contest)

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2 years ago

life, my friend, isn't a cheerful fairy tail. It's not all about joy and happiness. It can and will show you its ugly face someday. Life will drag you under the surface trying to drown you, pulling you deep down into the bottum and step on your neck with its leg until you feel your throat craching. This is when you have to remember who you really are: A fighter, a warrior who won't give up the battle until his very last breath.

Remember the future you dreamt about five or ten years ago. Isn't this actual moment that future? Get up! you can do it! Fight the pain and get ready for war, scream until your lungs can't have enough air anymore to breath. The scream of a man who is born from the ashes again. Life might be a pain, a nighmare at some point, but what you have to keep in mind is that life is also fair. all the tears and sweat you put in the way up to your dreams will finally pay off. At that exact moment, you will be proud of yourself as a chef whom everyone is complimenting the taste of his cooking: the taste of victory.

When you reach your goals, You will be laughing out loud at your fears and at the obstacles you had to pass to become what you are now. A story of a victorious man can't be written in normal ink. It should be written in pure gold.

Alright! the time is up and that's what I could came up with in only 10 minutes. This is the first time I write under the pressure of time! I usually take few hours to few days to write an article, depending on the topic. I hope the result is ok at least. Thanks for the opportunity.

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You did a great job and kept my attention till the end! Great to see how you used the prompts given and how great they fit into this text. Let's kick our own ass, and go for it. 👍🍀💕

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2 years ago

Great! I'm very happy that you like this. It's the first trying to write with a timer set on 10 minutes. By the way, if you are the moderator of this group can you approve it? it's still pending :)

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2 years ago