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4 months ago

Well now you can! SnapMug allows users to send their photos and print them on custom-made coffee mugs from brands like Bodum, Lifefactory, and MudPig. Their mugs are customizable for images that cover the entirety of the mug (up to 10x10") or use a partial image as the background with text around it. You can also upload your own logo (up to 8x8"), and choose a background color.

SnapMug was created by LaunchDoor, an LA-based company that offers online business-to-business services to brands, such as website design and management, e-commerce solutions, SEO services and marketing campaigns. This is their first product offered as an online marketplace. In fact, they're launching their marketplace with Sustainabull, a sustainable clothing brand that is testing the market place.


Address: 2974 Mansion Ave, Claymont, DE 19703, United States

Phone: 1(856)942-8527

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4 months ago
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