Mouth Not Judge

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If you pay close attention to the teacher and student, the fault lies with the teacher. why? because the teacher has never taught students mathematics. logically, can you answer the question while you have not received the lesson. sometimes harsh or angry words become an option without knowing the truth. a person only judges others from the outside without knowing what is in his heart.

You may have seen someone littering and then you scolded him with harsh words. is your action right? Have you ever thought, does he know that littering has an impact on pollution and environmental pollution. maybe he doesn't know that littering is wrong because he doesn't understand environmental pollution. do you deserve to scold him? You may scold your child for misbehavior but have you ever taught your child that misbehavior is a bad deed. you don't deserve to scold him because the fault lies with you.

The mouth is good at uttering words but the mouth is not a judge or king. What's the use of heart if you judge someone only by mouth.


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