Giving Is An Investment In The Present, Future And After The World Ends

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Giving Is An Investment In The Present, Future And After The World Ends

In the spiritual sciences, teaching is always truthful and justice, the act of giving something is the basis of faith and belief in forming a person with spiritual character, loving, helping and imitating the attitudes of fellow human beings regardless of the background of differences in life based on the concept of making individual decisions. The problems of life have made humans change their mindset by issuing effective ways to connect the breath of life in the mortal world. The human view of life has been closely connected with spirituality as the basis of belief for a better life, even human beings no longer think of the main life on earth but life after this earth ends or the end of time.

So many events in the world have changed the human paradigm of life, wealth and honor disappeared instantly no human being can withstand the decree of the Almighty when He acts to stop human steps on earth as if every time humans are overshadowed by fear and deep anxiety because of the fear of death. This perception makes the main human factor raises several questions.

  • Is there a human will not die or can live forever?

  • Do wealth and honor not guarantee human life in the world?

  • Does young or old age not determine human time on earth?

  • What good deeds must be done in order to live in this world and after the world ends?

The fact of life has taught many meaningful understandings when seeing tragic events happen to humans, consciously or unconsciously, lives are lost regardless of social status, rich, poor, position, honor, strong, weak, position, etc. are lost and leave traces of life assets. spiritually teaches humans to love others because God's command in His teachings is to love others in any form, love is identical to giving something to fellow human beings. This explains that giving is the main aspect so that life is blessed in this world and beyond.

The life of the times has changed the concept of human thinking about real money assets and digital money. Various kinds of financial institutions open up opportunities for short, medium and long term investments. This is an effective action to make assets grow and develop so that asset investment becomes the main target for storing and developing them. if it is related to the topic spiritually based on each other's beliefs, have you invested in your next life?.

Giving will not make you poor but receive a reward from God. Giving to the needy is an investment in living in this world and in the next. the more you give, the more you receive. Sincerity gives growth assets investment life based on the temperature of noble deeds.


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Yeah you are right But the most impressive thing is that it's really beneficial thing for us after the end of this world

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