Diversity of my country Indonesia.

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Indonesia is the country of my birth where I grew up and tried the fate of many tribes, religions, races, customs spread across small and large islands making Indonesia a country rich in culture. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, with latitudes at the equator, this country has a tropical climate with biodiversity and flora. trees growing across mountains, hills and valleys adorn the green of the world's tourist attractions.

Various kinds of reptiles live in the middle of the forest without the touch of human hands, but there are also animals that are almost extinct due to the greed of humans who are not responsible for the preservation of nature. The wild animals are finally protected based on laws from the government so that zoo areas are formed which are spread over several areas, the purpose of the zoo is to protect the wild animals so that they can breed, enlarge the population as a whole, free from human threats and can be enjoyed by generations will come.

Not only animals are protected by law, but there are also plants that are prohibited, especially trees because they play an active role in human life, trees as the lungs of the world provide various benefits for human and animal needs. the positive impact of trees is to save water, protect against floods, cycle the life chain and tackle the earth's problem, namely global warming. Forest areas have become the main point of protection due to the large number of illegal loggers, but since the issuance of government regulations and socialization to the community about the dangers of felling trees in the forest, finally the trees in the forest are protected.

Indonesia also has nature reserves or tourist attractions that were formerly used by the ancestors to carry out cultural activities, many tribal relics from various regions are designated as nature reserves. these places are very unique mostly in the form of old buildings, stone carvings, statues etc. Many people think that a place like this smells mystical because the source of the story is not commonly heard from generation to generation from the people of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin. many foreign tourists come to visit and see a place like this and even ritual events performed by certain people become objects of spectacle attracting visitors.

Indonesia is famous for being an agrarian country because most of them work as farmers based on the tropical climate in Indonesia, so that a lot of spices are produced abroad. monthly crops and annual crops are two groups of crops as a source of income, monthly crops such as rice, tomatoes, chilies, onions, corn and other vegetables are good monthly income crops for farmers while annual crops such as coconut, coffee, nutmeg, cloves, secondary crops etc are well-known export products from Indonesia.

The tribes are scattered in several areas and almost all areas have tribes based on their respective regional backgrounds, such as the Acehnese, Javanese, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku and Papuan tribes. each region has inland tribes with different customs, languages, norms, ways of life, songs, dances, arts etc. This is the culture and wealth of Indonesia that is rarely owned by other countries.

Religion is also almost the same as ethnicity because of the many beliefs held by the community such as Protestant Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Confucianism. Most religions in Indonesia are under the control of immigrants or other nations who work as missionaries from other countries and also come from the European colonizers. almost all Indonesians adhere to religion and beliefs based on their respective rights without coercion.

The source of biological wealth is a special attraction for everyone because Indonesia has natural resources such as coal, gold, nickel, copper and natural gas mines. as for the wealth of the sea which is an attraction for tourists because of its beauty such as shellfish, seaweed, fish etc. This wealth is the main factor for investors to invest in Indonesia, so it is not surprising that Indonesia's population is increasing due to the entry and settlement of foreigners from various parts of the world.

Not only biological wealth is owned by Indonesia, but the charm of natural beauty is an attraction for foreign tourists. Indonesia is famous for the beauty of the sea and its beaches. Surely you have heard of the island of the gods, Bali, this is the main place for travelers from various countries to enjoy the beauty of paradise on earth. Indonesia has mountains, hills and forests so that mountainous tourist attractions are the second place besides the beach. Actually there are still many tourist areas that have not been touched by humans because the structure of the hills and forests cover the access roads to other tourist attractions.

That is the existence of Indonesia's diversity with beautiful panoramas. the soil is fertile, turning sticks of wood and stone into plants.

Thank you greetings from my country Indonesia.


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I supposed to visit Indonesia in 2020, but pandemic arrived just before I planned on booking a ticket :(

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1 year ago

I hope you will be able to come to Indonesia, maybe it's God's will that you have not been allowed to come because you might be trapped because of the pandemic case, stay patient and pray for you my best friend.

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1 year ago