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Three Amazing Opportunities to get Paid to Learn with Crypto

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2 years ago

I had a friend in college that would always complain about how he wished we would just get paid to learn about whatever we enjoyed. I always thought that was crazy, but with crypto that is becoming more and more possible each day.


Below are the 3 best ways to earn and learn about different subjects online. If you know of others would love to hear about them in the comments below as I know there are plenty more that I either don't know about or just forgot.

Using Presearch Instead of Google

If you're trying to do some research online then you can check out Presearch.

I can understand why they made the change, but unfortunately, you no longer earn Presearch tokens by just using Presearch for Google, but you have to use, I'm assuming, their Dsearch search engine.

This is by far the slowest way you're going to accumulate any kind of earnings as you only acquire 0.25 Presearch tokens per search that you do. 1 Presearch token is worth a little over $0.01 just to give you an idea.

Plus, you're only allowed to withdraw the Presearch tokens once you reach 1000 tokens which is another negative to the project so far.

If you are able to accumulate 1000 tokens you can start staking keywords. This works in a similar way that buying keywords on google does, but instead of buying the words you just have to have the highest staked amount of tokens.

This may not seem like much, but if you want to promote your Splinterlands referral link you can stake 1000 Presearch tokens (about $13 at current prices) you're link will appear at the top of every search for Splinterlands. However, this is a topic that will be covered more in-depth in another article.

However, this is a topic that will be covered more in-depth in another article.

I expect if you stay consistent using Presearch instead of Google you could earn an extra $1 - $2 a month at current prices which doesn't seem like much, but if you could earn enough to start staking keywords, the amount you could earn could be significantly more.

Using LBRY to Watch Videos

If you haven't used LBRY to watch videos yet of your favorite content creators you should, especially if you're trying to learn about crypto.

A lot of crypto content creators post their content on LBRY and you can earn rewards for watching and subscribing to your favorite creators on the platform.

Create a LBRY Account and Earn Now

With LBRY's daily reward you can earn from $0.008 a day to around $0.80 which doesn't seem like much, but when you realize LBC is close to it's the lowest value it's been this year, that amount should only go up.

Plus there are other rewards that you can get for accumulating the number of views and people that you follow or that follow you. These continue to grow the more and more you use the platform but are limited to a certain amount per day to limit abuse.

LBRY has released a new UI and website that now has notifications as well, so you should see more interaction between content creators and viewers on the platform which is awesome.


Plus, the best way to truly tell if you've learned something is if you know it well enough to be able to teach someone else and what better way to teach someone else than creating a video and teaching them about what you learned?

Brave Browser - Basic Attention Token

The brave browser is an amazing browser that helps block ads and protects your privacy.

It also pays you to browse the web.

As you can see from the image above a small add pops up on the desktop browser in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you're interested in the add you can click on it, but you earn some BAT regardless if you click the link or not.

The BAT is then deposited into your Uphold account (which unfortunately you have to KYC for to withdraw) and then you can either hodl it, send it to an exchange to purchase another crypto or use it on the Tap Network to buy gift cards

If this is the first time using Brave you need to make sure that you turn on the ads so you can start earning rewards.
1. In the address bar, on the far right, be sure to click the triangle
2. Click on reward settings


3. Check to the right of the rewards to the move the slider to the right to turn rewards on.
4. Finally, click on the 3 lines with circles to verify you have the ads set to 5 per hour to get more rewards.

Brave Download

The Brave browser is definitely a passive non-obtrusive way to earn crypto while you learn by watching Lbry videos, reading content on Hive or Publish0x, or taking classes online.

In Conclusion

I know that you'll only earn about $10 - 15 a month using these, which doesn't seem like much, but it's better than not getting paid anything and most of these require little to no extra effort to browsing the internet like you normally do every day.

Once again if you have other ideas on how to make money online let me know.

If you haven't heard about Coinbase Earn that is another more specific way to earn while you learn, but I was looking for something that was more continuous that you could do over multiple years.

If you enjoyed my content please give me a follow/subscribe/and let me know in the comments below what you enjoyed about this or other articles, so I can focus more on writing that content.

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2 years ago
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