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September 2020 Account Earnings Update

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1 year ago

It's been a while since I've done one of these and I'm a little disappointed with my earnings this month, but hope to start doing these regularly again to track my progress on the different platforms.

Since I am posting on multiple platforms now I'm going to switch up how I post these so others can see how my posts are not only doing on Hive and LeoFinance, but on Publish0x and this month as well.

I'll also be sharing a little on my overall portfolio and how that is developing as well as some Splinterlands updates when I have some to give.

Hive and LeoFinance

Hive is definitely where I earn the majority of my rewards each month. I've spent three years on the platform and it's really starting to pay off more and more each day and will have exponential paybacks when the price starts to run in the bull market.

I did make some small power-downs in between March and September when the price of Hive was high and sold it for some Bitcoin and Ethereum, which I'll share a little more about down below.

I have been making some good curation returns between %16 and %18 APR which usually earns me around $0.30 - $0.4 a day just for rewarding good authors on the platform. I'm hoping to get this to around 20% APR, but I don't know if I will be able to do that without spending all day on the platform or creating a bot (which I don't know how to do).

I could just use and reward the same few authors each day, but I'd rather try and spread out my rewards across the platform and keep the authors I reward on a daily to a minimum.


I've started posting to Publish0x more to try and help drive more traffic to Peak and Leofinance as well as diversify where I'm sharing my content and the rewards that I receive.

While earning $1 may not seem like much, as far as I know, I will continue to earn for the articles that I wrote on the platform and I earned most of that from the last two articles I published on the platform.

Keep in mind, I'm also earning up to $0.03 for content that I'm reading from people I follow on the platform. The tip is on a cooldown so you can't just go around spamming tips to people and comes from a reward pool instead of your own wallet.

My Splinterlands content seems to do really well on the platform and they also have a pretty cool Ambassador Reward Program, which you can include your Ambassador link to the end of any Publish0x article and get rewarded if people sign up to Publish0x using your link.

I have to admit I didn't know anything about this until @trumpman shared on one of his posts and think this is a great way of rewarding people who find and share great content on the platform.

I'll be completely honest I wouldn't have given this platform a chance without @scottcbusiness talking about the success he's had on there.

They have just implemented a program or bot to reward posts and it doesn't look like it's working out to well unless you write about crypto so hopefully I'll have an update next month on how the rewards are going as I mostly write about crypto.

My posts had been earning me about $0.07, but since they switched to the bot my last article earned me about $0.34 worth of Bitcoin Cash.

While there is no way to earn from upvotes or tipping, I think this may be another platform worth posting on to earn a little Bitcoin Cash or by selling the BCH for some other crypto you're trying to stack such as Splinterland Cards, Hive, or WLeo. also has an affiliate program in which if you share a link to any article on the site you can get 10% of the points they earn (points used to be how they distribute rewards, so not sure how they'll do it now), or you can share your profile as well.

I'm assuming this is only taken into effect if they sign up to the platform after clicking on the link that you shared, just like most other affiliate programs.

Crypto and Splinterlands Portfolio

Most of the Steem that was leftover after the fork I sold for either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Most of the Basic Attention Token I've earned from using the Brave browser and the XLM from airdrops. With the increase in the price of Leo and getting added to Coinmarketcap, I can now easily track those earnings as well.

If anyone is interested to know how I use Google Sheets and Coinmarketcap to loosely track my crypto portfolio let me know down in the comments and I can make a post for that (might just make one anyway).

Conservatively, my Splinterland rental cards are worth about $90 and have earned me $6.70 since I've started renting the cards. Below is the estimated value of my total collection.

I'm not actively, but still trying to sell-off the rest of my cards to stack more maxed out legendaries and cards that are currently renting well.

In Conclusion

I'm hoping to be able to track my growth on these other platforms and share them back monthly.

As always would love to hear your feedback in the comments below, if you like what I'm doing please share, subscribe, and upvote/tip my posts.

If you want you can find me here on peakd.comTwitterSplinterlandsPublish0xLeoFinance, and

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$ 0.10 from @SapphireCrypto
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1 year ago
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Because via MetaMask I have no posting keys etc to access Hive?

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1 year ago

Nice work with Hive and Leo! I just signed up with Leofinance via Metamask. Any idea how I am able to access the automatically created Hive account with my username?

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1 year ago