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4 Things I'm Watching to get Massive Gains this Crypto Bull Run

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2 years ago

I remember during the last bull market for Crypto that "asset classes" seemed to pump together and the start of this bull run seems to be no different.

For instance, privacy coins would pump together, then smart contract platforms, cryptocurrencies with staking, and then cryptocurrencies with masternodes.

The start of this bull run hasn't been much different as it started with oracle protocols, then moved onto defi coins and cryptocurrencies, and finally, we seem to be in the NFT phase.

The Future of Ethereum Scaling

As more and more congestion starts to plug up the Ethereum network and increase the transactions costs the need for scaling and/or a level 2 solution becomes more and more apparent.

he more time the network experiences high congestion and fees the more people and companies are going to look for alternatives to the Ethereum network. After all, look at what happened to the EOS network and Dapps on their when dapps and games became unplayable.

This leads to the question of who can step-up and start to take over the interest of the developers. Will it be Cardano, Neo, or some other project?

I am mainly invested in Ethereum but will continue to watch scaling solutions and competitors of Eth for a possible value investment in the upcoming bull run as it is time for either Ethereum, Scaling Solutions, or a "second-generation" smart contract platform to step-up and make a name for themselves.

The Future of Dapps and NFTs

I'm not much interested in art NFTs. It's not that I don't think they do hold value, it's just I don't know how to value them myself. I've invested in NFTs a year or two ago and as they lose popularity the value slowly bleeds down.


I'm more interested to see, over the next 6 months to a year, what games will develop and build in NFTs.

There are many games on the Hive blockchain that have been able to do this and build a lot of success around it. As people keep making more and more money on the next bubble, I'm hoping some of that money will make its way into theses games and NFTs.

If you haven't had a chance yet to check out the games that are being developed on the Hive Blockchain right now you should head on over and play a few. I have really enjoyed my time playing and trading Splinterland cards and will be checking out other dapps in the near future.

I have been waiting to play some God's Unchained and other games but was hoping they would decide to move to another blockchain.

Defi Platforms Goin the Distance

I may trade a few defi platforms or tokens this alt season, but I don't be holding any for the long term. I feel like with all the quick and easy money most of these platforms have made, I'll be more interesting to see who is still innovating and developing two years into a bear market.


Any defi that builds on top of Ethereum is completely dependant on them winning the scaling wars.

I think user-provided liquidity with no KYC will be the future pending their not shutdown by regulation as it's a step towards banking the unbanked with no prejudice based on religion, skin color, beliefs, sex, etc, but still has a ways to go.

The Next Genre that's Going to Run

I feel like so far, since the start of this bull run we've seen Oracles, Defi, and now NFTs shoot up in value and the key question is what's going to be the next genre.

Will we see privacy coins or drug-related coins get the pump next. Will meme coins like Dogecoin finally get their time in the spotlight again since it has been so long since they've had a significant pump.

Until then, I'll continue stacking projects that are proven and have made it successfully through the bear market and looking for those that are ready to pump and ready to build for the long term through the next several bear markets.

If you haven't checked out yet, head on over there and check them out. They're creating a new sign-up process, changing the curation incentives, and improving this project a little every day.

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Written by   2
2 years ago
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