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3 Reason's I'm Loving Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

I know Bitcoin Cash gets a lot of hate and most of it is rightfully deserved, but I have enjoyed using it recently as it's relatively fash and cheap to send it right now. I've sent some to the Celsius network and have been happy with how low the fees were and how fast the transaction happened.


I've been using to publish some of my Hive articles and have been enjoying some decent rewards. It's not much, most are $1 - $2, but it's a nice location where I can get some additional views and followers for my content.

It's easy to use, doesn't take much time to cross-post articles, and it allows me to diversify my crypto income as well as diversifying where I publish my content in case anything happens to Hive or Publish0x.

I don't worry about Hive or Publish0x disappearing at this time, but it's always nice to have a game plan in case something catastrophic or unplanned takes place on either one of the platforms or websites.

Celsius Network

Another way to grow the Bitcoin Cash that you earn from the Read.Cash website is to send all earnings to the Celsius Network and earn around 4.5% APR.

I know with 4.5% you're not going to be retiring any time soon from the interest you're earning, but there is no advantage to holding your earnings on the currently, so why not use it to make some passive income.

I don't have a lot of money currently on the Celsius Network, so as always DYOR and don't put any more crypto on the platforms than you can afford to lose, but they haven't missed an interest payment yet. I have not tried to withdraw any funds yet, but haven't seen any issues claiming they've had issues trying to withdraw either.

Speed and Cost

As I said earlier, I know Bitcoin Cash may be cheap and fast because the network is not seeing a lot of traffic, but I'm not planning on holding a large stack of Bitcoin Cash over the long term either.

Receiving rewards from writing articles online, and transferring it to a "savings account" that will earn a small number of interest works for me.

I'm hoping to hold some Bitcoin Cash when the next altcoin market cycle takes off and will end up taking some profit as I see fit. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to accumulate "1 Bitcoin" before the price goes too high.

In Conclusion

If you're interested in using Read.Cash or the Celsius Network feel free to click on one of the affiliate links above.

I still use Hive and LeoFinance as the main hub for all of my content, but have gotten really lucky with some of the rewards and and think it's been a good platform so far to expand too.

If you know of any other great platforms for earning interest or creating content on please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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Written by   2
1 year ago
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