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Shopee Finds: Rating Things I Bought Online

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3 months ago

Online selling platforms like Shopee, Zalora, Lazada, Shein, and many more already existed even before pandemic happens and they are widely used. But when the pandemic started and lockdowns and quarantine were imposed, that’s the only time I got my interest in online shopping. Out of the many online selling platforms, Shopee is my go-to app, for the reason that the app is very user-friendly, they offer a lot of promos, vouchers, and sales and the products are way cheaper than other platforms. The main person who influenced me into Shopee is my sister. I can’t say she is a fan (LOL) but she often buys things from Shopee, especially when there is an ongoing sale.

For the past two years or so since the pandemic started, I’ve collected few things and stuff that I bought online. These are mainly things that I need for my online class and some of them are rewards I give myself for doing the best I can in everything.

So here’s my Shopee finds and I will rate them based on their usability, on how long I was able to use them, and on their overall appeal or aesthetic. 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest. Hope you enjoy!



These eyeglasses are special to me because I was “matchy-matchy” with my friends when we started our online business before and these are also one of my first Shopee purchases. I got them for more or less 1$ each from two different shops. The reason there are two of them is because the first one I bought is kind of small and I think the seller gave me one that is for kids.

I will rate the first one 5/10 since I wasn’t able to use it that long and the second one 8/10 since it easily  got scratches.


Laptop pouch, mouse, and mouse pad

I got these maybe a month after I got my laptop last year since the freebie bag for the laptop was a backpack so I thought I need just a small one and I never regretted this purchase. I’ve been using the pouch since then. For the mouse and mouse pad, my sister told me to buy them also when I told her I’m buying the pouch so I just did haha. These three items cost more than 4$ all in all.

Rating: 9/10. There are no problems so far but I prefer them with cute designs, especially the pad and mouse.


Earphones and Charger Cords

I think this earphone was my 4th purchase already because the cheaper ones I bought before only lasted for a few months. I’ve been using this one for almost a year already, one of my best purchases.

Rating: 10/10

For the cords, as you can see in over two years, I’ve already purchased three and it is because my phone’s charger port is broken, so I need to look for a charger that will fit perfectly. Hopefully I can use the current one for a long time. The current one I’m using is the same brand as my earphone so I have high expectations. I bought these cords for less than 2$ each.

Rating: 8/10


Small pouch, laptop cleaning tools, USB light

I bought all of these from the same shop, these were the add-ons for the laptop pouch set so I could avail the free shipping voucher. They were useful especially the blue pouch since I put my other cords in there. The laptop cleaning tools are also good, I am able to use the small cloth and brush but I don’t use the spray thing because I honestly don’t know what that is so I don’t know if it is safe for my laptop. The USB light is so bright, I think it will be useful during brownouts.

Rating: 7/10


We usually buy surgical facemasks at Shopee and I just tried buying this KF94 masks. I bought it together with three boxes of surgical masks but they ran out already and this is what’s left. I’ve only used them once but they are good.

Rating: 9/10. It kinda smell weird but it’s fine.


I’ve been wanting to buy grid notebooks for my journal and I was able to find one in Shopee. I bought two grid notebooks in two different variations so I can use the free shipping voucher. I bought these for 2$. These notebooks are so cute and they have high quality paper material.

Rating: 10/10

Stationery Materials

This is one of my favorite purchases. I bought stickers, a mini cutter, a tweezer for sticker, a set of double tip pens, and washi tapes. I got them for a very affordable price though it took quite a time for the shipping since it was from an overseas shop but it’s worth the wait. The stickers are pretty and the tapes are cute.

Rating: 10/10

Sling bag

This is the first sling bag I bought from Shopee. I got these for a very cheap price, it’s only 1$. It was cute but it’s not sturdy which is understandable given its cheap price. I was able to use it for more than a month last year and then I told myself I’ll buy a more expensive one that has a good quality.

Rating: 7/10

Jo Malone perfume tester

This is my latest purchase at Shopee, the Jo Malone perfume in Blackberry & Bay, and Peony and Suede scents. I’ve been eyeing this perfume since last year but every time I want to checkout, it’s out of stock. But early this month, I was surprised to see they have stocks already so I checkout immediately. My love for Kpop actually made me buy this because it came to my knowledge that these was used by Suga of BTS and Chanyeol of EXO. The testers are such in a cheap price so I can’t help but buy and also because my curiosity of how they smell like. They smell good, but not long lasting though I expected that.

Rating: 9/10

Black sling bag

This is by far my most favorite purchase of all. I was so surprised when it arrived because it’s so pretty. It was available for 6$ but I was able to get it at 5$ only because there was an in-store voucher available that time. My sisters also liked it and they said it looks like it costs more than 6$. I was really happy with this purchase. I bought it as a gift for myself for Christmas and New Year. 😊

Rating: 10/10

I hope you enjoyed this article, I will do a part 2 of this for clothes and footwear. 😊

Thanks for reading! Until the next article.


glossyberrycraze ♡


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Written by   33
3 months ago
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Nakss.. Ganda naman nang collections mo sis.. Sana all nalang ako diyan.. I like the sling bags actually. Hmm.. Anyways, can't wait for the part 2 of this. Gusto ko makita yung collection mo nang clothes and footwear ... :))

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3 months ago

Thank you po hehe pero lahat po yan eh naipon lang sa loob ng dalawang taon haha

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3 months ago