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Flowers of the diefembaquia and clovers.

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1 month ago

Diefembaquia :

It is a plant with long leaves and a wide variety of shades of combinations of green and white in its leaves.

It is its origin from Brazil.

It is a plant suitable for living indoors. Since it must be in semi-shadow. It supports the clarity of the sun but not its direct exposure to it. Its leaves burn when they are directly in the sun.

That itself must receive moisture in its floors to maintain the beauty of its leaves.

You have to be careful when handling it because its sap has a toxic component such as calcium oxalate. For humans and even for animals, it can cause from mild inflammation of the conjunctivae or skin, to significant poisoning and death.

My plants have all flowered. The diefenbachias decided to bloom all together, those that are on the floor and those that are in the pot. I do not know why.

But its flowers are not very showy or very durable. They have a long stem called a spadix, at the end of it a spathe opens very similar to the petal of a flower and a white or beige appendage emerges under the spathe. This appendix has a geometric shape relief.

I took several photographs of each flower so that you can see in detail the flower of this plant that not many have the opportunity to see. Maybe and I suppose it is because it is not very attractive or because it remains open for a very short time. Then the white appendage is dried and dried. And until there it remains, to the next flowering.



My clovers.

These are my clover plants, their scientific name Oxalis Triangularis. It’s a very unique plant that does not like too much sun but responds by folding its leaves when it’s in the shade and does not receive the sun's radiation. It seems to be sad when there is a lot of shade.

In my garden the oxalis are red and purple mixed with green. It receives the popular name of butterfly plant, I imagine that because of the triangular shape of its leaves and how it arranges them. It seems to fly when it has indirect sunlight on its leaves and it retracts them when the afternoon shadow arrives. The stem is elongated, thin, white and very fragile, you can break its stem just by handling it when removing dried flowers. Great care must be taken when handling this plant because it is very delicate.

The flowers of the plant are small lilac bells that grow in a spike and in a clustered bouquet.

The soil of the Oxalis must remain with a relative humidity. It cannot have much humidity, because then the substrate waterlogs and since it has the rhizome at its root they can rot.

For the reproduction of Oxalis, the rhizomes must be taken and transplanted into another pot to wait for a new plant.

For compost it’s enough to add enough compost to the soil each month, this way we make sure to maintain its appearance and the constant flowering.

It is a very easy plant for hobbyists to grow. It certainly does not require too much care to remain active in our garden and above all, she blooms all year round with these beautiful bouquets of flowers that you can observe.

As an ornamental plant you can sow it in hanging baskets, you can also sow it on the floor, or in pots. In any place where you want to plant your plant it will fix well to the substrate, as long as you keep its minimum requirements. With soil of good substrate with organic compost, compost and some sand or gravel to drain the water from your irrigation.

I hope this post encourages you to plant this beautiful plant.

They are photographs taken with my Blu phone.

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Written by   138
1 month ago
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The flowers are wonderful to you. It's snowing here. I have difenbahia in the house, and the clover is in the garden under the snow. I don't know if he will survive.

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1 month ago

Ayyy how sad. She is not a friend of snowfall. Hopefully you will have its rhizomes so that it grows again in spring.

Yes, for me plants are wonderful. !!

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1 month ago