44% in a week - 1 more week to join the PARTY-> then presale and 20% discount

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How to end the lockdowns and SAVE THE PLANET


The 5 basics of living:



# Namaste lovely people


You might have missed the party (link above) so I give you another chance to join. My initial investment of 1000€ / 1100$ in BTCB/BUSD is in the Manor Farm (from Drip developers) for a week now. It started with 1500% went a little down and is on the same level again.

As you can see I earned 4.34 REV and the REV price increased to 80$ so I earned almost 44% or 440$ within a single week. The farm will keep paying for another week and the coin price will rice as the coin is the presale token for the next project.

Next thursday the REV can be used to buy PIG and DOG for a 20% discount so another 20% or probably more (when the coin price increases) in one day.


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Many people sold their LP token and bought REV because there is just the way up for it. Maybe you wanna do the same. Could be another chance to 2x,3x,4x,... in a week.

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Eat healthy every day

Do sports every day

Be always honest

Especially to yourself

Did you ever proactively decide to love yourself and do you just do things you love?

And you wonder that you are not healthy and happy?

I can help you help yourself...

## My life studies worthy of a nobel price:



My last outstanding recipe:


How to spice like a master chef:


My Hive 6 month earnings report and conclusion:


My first genius superhero friend on Hive - @ ambigenius







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