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Horror Movies: My favorites

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1 month ago

Are you a fan of horror movies? If yes, I highly recommend these movies. Perhaps you already have watched some of the movies that I will be posted here. I'm a fan too. And I have watched all of them.

"Stay in the dark longer, and you'll see what you shouldn't be seeing".

Most disturbing, cruel, movies are most interesting to watch if you're a fan of horror movies. Check this 2nd part of my best recommendations for horrifying movies. Get ready!

The Uninvited

This is an American Psychological, mystery, and Drama horror movie, directed by the Guard Brothers. This film is based on A Tale of Two Sisters. Released in January 2009, starring Emily Browning, David Strathairn, Elizabeth Banks, and Arielle Kebbel.

One of the bests Horror films, it's an old one, but if you watch it again you'll be like it. There is a unique and interesting story on it. There's a little mind-twisting so watch it from the very start until the end so you can follow the whole story. Just a reminder, it scares you a lot, jumps and screams will happen. After Anna's mother died she was released from a mental hospital and send back to his father together with her sister and father's girlfriend. The reason why she (Anna) was at a mental hospital to be treated because she attempted to commit suicide. Her stepmother, Rachel Summers, welcomes her and her beloved sister Alex. Times passed, Alex and Anna decided to look for evidence as they accused Rachel murdered their mother. But what happened? You better watch it now!

The Nursery

"Creepy as Hell" Oh my gosh!!! I'm a little bit nervous while writing this article at this time! I dare you, watch it alone at midnight, will you? This is a horror film directed by Jay Sapiro, Christopher A. Micklos, and was written by Christopher A. Micklos.

This is a story of a college girl that gets a job babysitting and she was stalked by a mysterious illusion. The family of who she was babysitting has a tragic background. That Saturday night the confrontation between her and the evil spirit happened. Will that college girl survived with that evil specter? Better watch now and enjoy jumping and screaming!

The Babadook

The Babadook is an Australian psychological horror film directed by Jennifer Kent, was released in 2014. This creature Babadook is an extraordinary element that haunted Amelia and his son.

Amelia was a single mother, mourned from the violent death of her husband, and battled with the monster called Babadook creeping on her house that causes her son's fear.

The Lullaby

"You'll wish you never brought your baby home"

A first-time mother experiences terrifying visions. She was a 19-year-old woman who suffered from depression after giving birth to her first child. She is hearing voices that she believes it's hunting her child. When a first-timer mother gives birth and suffers from depression, the first thing that comes into our mind is she's s suffering from postpartum. But in this movie, she was not.

She begins seeing lurking at her home, thinking that it closes to her child. She looks like suffering from postpartum. Thank God, her mother Ruby is ready to look on her after that illness showed up. But there's something different happening at her. And there's much more ominous trying to make history for her daughter.

"The world outside had its own rules, and those rules were not human."

The hunting of La Llorona

This movie makes me terrified. Tremendous writing script. How could the writer think about all of this? Every time the horrific scene is exposed, my heart is falling on the ground. The tale said that her husband was caught by her (the weeping woman) with another woman. Because of anger, she kidnapped her sons and drowned in the river followed by herself. Of course, they died.

The Voices

The girl (Grace) seeks sanctuary at an isolated family home after her break up from his fiance. Before she arrives at home, there was one stranger she met the old woman), it was a warning for her. At first Grace and her sister, Catherine is happy. But days past she discovered that her sister suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia. She was like her mother that committed suicide after. This movie cycle is in mental illness. Not so horrifying, but interesting movie.


My first impression was breathed. Because I was thinking about the story was like any other film but I found out, there were more twists. Better watch this movie to find out why. Esoteric is happening when they moved to their new home. Their son gets into a coma. I don't want to leave here any details 'cause other chapters will be followed.

Insidious: Chapter 2

One of the characters here possessed by the devil (Josh Lambert) and his soul was lost. His family tried to find him and his secret childhood was revealed. Try to watch it, it has been connected from chapter 1. It's a little bit illogical.

Insidious: Chapter 3

In this chapter, a young girl seeks for a psychic to look for her mother that was recently perished. She met the old woman(she was from chapter 2). But looking for her mother's soul, it was gone bad. She met another soul instead of her mother's. The evil spirits make her a host and hurt her physically.

The Last Key

The old woman, from chapter 1-3 is Elise Rainier, a parapsychologist. This is the last chapter. She was haunted by her past in her childhood. She returned to her home where she lived when she was a kid. She met her brother. They helped each other to fight the evil spirit that terrorized people. Watch chapter 1 to the last key, you will appreciate it. Promise!

Lights Out (Part 1)

This is a short horror film, and I like the actress 😍. This short horror film is the best! What do you feel when you are in the dark alone? Fear, nervous, scared, are you? In this film, you will see the things that shouldn't exist in the dark or when the lights off. Watch and get ready for disturbing images that will scare you truly.


I will never forget this movie! This is perfect for you all horror movies lover. Two young girls are forced to live in a house that has a dark and mysterious appearance following the deaths of their parents.

Truth or Dare

I think the story of this film reminds us of the virtue of sincerity. In this movie film, there was a group of friends attracted to a truth game or dare to realize that those who lie or fail to follow the rules end up dead, mysteriously.

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Written by   348
1 month ago
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I didn’t saw non of them of your list. But I watched some top class horror flim. Do you watched The nun? Conjuring 1-2, Siccin part 1 to 6, Dubbe, munafiq, Anabelle etc. But I like the series of SICCIN most. Becouse they are based on real event. And all of them are based on black magic. If you see it you will be love it. But after seeing those series, Now I don’t see any kinds of horror flim. I feel uneasy after seeing all those movies. Ewww. Thank you for your amazing article.

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1 month ago

I have watched all of them except Dubbe, Munafiq. I would try that also, can you suggest more? Haha! Sometimes I'd rather watch horror movies than writing articles.

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1 month ago

No, becouse now I hate horror movie. I scare to watch it alone. I'll watch it again with my future husband haha

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1 month ago

Super movies, I like all of. So horror

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1 month ago