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Shampooing Daily is Bad For Your Hair?

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4 months ago

Hello guys today I just want to share something and maybe get some opinions from you

The story goes..I was watching someone from Youtube Live and this person shared that a good hygiene for your hair is to stop washing it with shampoo daily or preferably once per week only. and guess what the viewer's response? they started laughing at this person throwing insults like "youre disgusting" "smelly" at the same time.

Personally, I kinda see it as unhygienic too, but since I am living in a tropical country its always hot, humid, and sweaty, so it can't be helped to not take a shower and shampoo your hair once or twice a day to get rid of that sweat in your head right?

Then, I saw another video the other day from a professional hairstylist to avoid falling, frizzy and dry hair, one of the solutions is to stop shampooing your hair daily, perhaps only twice a week. I'm a bit convinced and started trying it for myself.

This is an article why its bad for you

I am quite confused since in my 26 years of living and shampooing daily. no one has ever taught me about this before, even in the salons I've been to.

So, my question is...How many times do you shampoo your hair? or other regimens to take care of your hair?

Honestly, I used to not care much about my hair health. heck, I even used to clip myself clean-shaven. Because I really hate my curly, thick, and frizzy hair! -in my teenage days. Until recently, seeing people on my same age are starting to get bald spots or signs of thinning. I started growing my hair like a YOLO since my job doesn't follow a standard of "how long" your hair should be anyway.

My current goal is to make atleast a manbun style but recently, I started to notice strands of hair started popping randomly on my desk more frequently even whenever I take a bath, bits of hair in the shower drain. I become anxious and cautious about my hair now which goes back to my early question...How much do you shampoo per week?

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Written by   18
4 months ago
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I wouldn't advise any to shampoo their hair daily. Sometimes, it is best to give it a break; like just using normal bathing soap to do the washing if we must. Shampoos contains harsher chemicals and using them on hair regularly could have a negative effect on the hair.

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4 months ago

yes :) ive read/watch somewhere that shampooing removes the natural oil that protects our hair and head from something and applying stuff like gel just provides us some artifical sort of oil replacing that natural oil

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3 months ago