Quite a day today

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1 year ago

It started out cold, I didn't even want to take my shower, but if I don't I feel groggy all day so I had to take the plunge. By the time I went out for a walk it was hot with a clear blue sky and a shining sun. I went to the waterfront but there wasn't much going on there so I, as I have a 10,000 step goal, walked to the other side of town.

Once there, I decided to go to the casino, I like playing video poker, i hardly ever win but I had to kill some time and also you get free drinks, only Pepsi though, my drink is Coke but it is free so I drink it. Well free in that you don't pay for it but they take it out in the beating those machines give you.

I was doing ok, you know going a little up a little down, now the place was empty as it was early and this random guy decided that out of all the machines there, he wanted to play the one beside me, he sat down and started talking, now I like to play not get involved in conversations, so I would just nod or maybe say no. Then he got a call and he started yelling with someone, that got on my nerves, so I got up and went outside giving him time to finish his call.

When I got back he was just finishing and he told, boy these people molest, all I want to do is play have some peace and they just call me to talk. Well that did it for me, I think my pressure shot up, I told him look you badly educated SOB, when you get a call you go out and receive it I don't have to listen to you talking. And please don't say a word because right now I feel like kicking someone.

Since the moment he sat down I was just losing because I was mad, well I think he must have gotten a little scared because a couple of minutes later he got up and left. And you know just a second after he left I got a big win and doubled what I had gone in with. My pressure settled down and I left a winner, which doesn't happen very often.

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