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1 year ago

I joined quite a while back, but as in most things I do i tested it for a while and then for some reason or other I forgot about it and just stopped using it. Now I am certain that Social Crypto is definitely part of the future so I am trying to work at several sites and am giving another try.

Writing is not really my forte, even though by now I do have a lot of experience having started out with Steemit in August 2016, and joining several other platforms like Hive, Whaleshares, bearshares, Weku, Blurt, Publish0x or Uptrennd, The biggest disappointment so far has been Uptrennd I thought it was doing great and all of a sudden its owner just shut it down.

Right now I am mostly focused on Blurt, it is new, it is small, it has not too many rules and I think it will do great. I also use Steemit and Hive but they are getting full of rules and this kind of turns me down.

So now I will try putting some effort on read,cash and see how it goes. That will make another crypto I will be looking at, Bitcoin cash, the market as a whole is down right now but I expect things to improve a lot as the year goes on.

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