Conning the Masses

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3 years ago

I have never been much into any type of politics, mostly I think the guys who get involved in this are scammers. But I can see things and make my mind about them, and I can clearly see that people are actually conned into believing what is best for them.

The weapon used by politicians in the Western Hemisphere has been Communism, yes that word that is hated by so many, and frankly I find it incredible how people were made to believe this and have never looked back.

Now I am not even saying anything about communism because it has never existed, in fact I think communist states were actually backed by the elites. Why? Because it created for them a showcase of how bad communism is.

And then when something went against these elites they would just say it was communism or as President Trump says, the radical left. I live in a country were communists are hated, were anything bad is labeled communist. And I think I can clearly see where this comes from.

Just think, Labor Unions? Communist. Free education for all? Communist. Free healthcare for all? Communist. Energy providers owned by the state? Communist? Highways and other infrastructure owned by the state? Communist. Here, for example, the elites are able to place a tax on all users with toll booths.

And this is what I find so funny, people don't want taxes but are completely OK with a private company forcing them to pay tolls. This is really ridiculous, the highway was built off of the taxes paid by everyone, but after having paid for it being built you also have to pay, forever, a tax on something you built to some private individuals.

I think this was actually thought out a long time ago, use communism as a bogey man and then reap the profits off of the fear and hate people would feel towards anything that sounds like communism.

I think people shouldn't consider if something is communist or socialist, they should consider if it helps the majority and not just the elites, because people have to learn, if they want something they have to fight for it, because once it is in the hands of the elites it is wishful thinking that it will trickle down.

Just think how health and education are now in a large part in the hands of an elite few, new millionaires at the cost of less education and less health available to the masses.

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3 years ago