Bitcoin Cash Ride

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1 year ago

As far as I can tell Bitcoin Cash started trading in August 2017, and the starting price was somewhere around $500.00, there seems to be some confusion here as I have seen it stated as starting as low as $240.00 and as high as $900.00, but I think around $500.00 is more like it. Since then it has been on a wild ride, going as high as over $2,500.00 in December 2017 and as low as just over $100.00 in December 2018.

After this BCH has more or less moved with the market even though I must say that right now its price of $340.00 is lower than the price it started out at. So, with the way of the Crypto World where nothing is certain, I think we are looking at a pivotal moment in BCH, I think it will shoot up, this is just a gut feeling.

I do not believe much in Technical Analysis, all that does is give us a look of how a coin has acted throughout history, as for predicting its future moves it is useless, crypto has too many variables and sadly a coin's price can be moved by something as simple as a Tweet. Now why do I think BCH will rise, after all it is just another alt coin.

Well mainly because BCH was made to be spent, it is actually to be used as money not as an investment even though of course you can invest in it. I think having a coin that is readily accepted as a means of exchange means it can and will be accepted by masses of people, so I can only see BCH going up.

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