Cooperative Behavior

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Group work is not just a matter of different people getting together in order to perform certain tasks. One has to take into consideration such interpersonal factors as the attitude of the members towards the group leader and towards each other, The attitude of the group leader towards his/her subordinates; The personality of each group member and so on.If these factors are ignored or neglected, the spirit of cooperation within the group becomes weak and thus, the group becomes ineffective in doing its doing.

There are six main principles that a work team must consider in order to ensure effective group cooperation and performance.

  • A persons overall self esteem is greatly influenced by his work work team.What goes in one team affect ones feelings of satisfaction and competence.

  • Most people want to be accepted in and have a smooth interrelationships with at least one of the small groups to which they belong.Futhermore, most people have the inner potential for becomming more effective in their groups and for helping these groups solve problems.

  • A group cannot achieve maximum effectiveness if the leader has to perform all leadership and maintenance functions. Thus, group members must also assist in leadership functions. In order to achieve this, the leader must recognize the fact that she/he cannot do everything and that are capable of being more effective if they are given fuller participation in group activities.

  • If the group members are discourage from expressing their feelings towards each other, problen solving , personal growth and job satisfaction will be negatively affected. Members should be allowed to expressed their feelings : however this expression should be accompanied by the development of proper group skills in dealing with feelings. If this is done correctly, there will be greater cooperation and morale within the group.

  • Very often, a members level of interpersonal trust,support and cooperation within his work team is lower than it should be due to obstacles such as;

  • A disregard for feelings as an important factor in group cooperation

  • Lack of problem solving skill

  • A reward system that encourages members to complete rather than cooperate

  • Lastly, problem of wrong attitude and work motivation within the group should be solved by challenging the nature of the members interpersonal relationship towards each other. In other words. As objective is not to get B to perform better but to interact effectively with B in such a way that both of them become mutually more effective.

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