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Being an government employee is a opportunity to help and to serve for our fellow country men .

For me a civil servant needs this values to performed well.

*has a sense of self esteem.

*honestly is the one

*maintain a lifestyle within ones means.

*Is aware of the prevention of the environment as part of our commitment to sustainable development.

*Is a professional.

*Comitted and responsive to public interest

*Constantly strives for excellence

*Is nationalistic

*Is committed to democracy

*Is Committed to service for common good

Like other company. Government runs with the help of each other. There are many office perform their task but their are characteristics of an effective team

  1. The team members share a sense of purpose or common goals and each team member is willing to work toward achieving these goals

  2. The team is aware of and interested in its own processes and examining norms operating within the team

  3. The team identifies its own resources and uses them, depending on its needs. The team willingly accepts the influence and leadership of the members whose resources are relevant to the immediate task

  4. The team members continually try to listen to and clarify what is being said and show interest in what others say and feel

  5. Difference of opinion are encouraged and freely expressed. The team does not demand narrow conformity or adherance to formats that inhibits freedom of movement and expression

  6. The team is willinh to surface conflict and focus on it until it is resolved or managed in a way that does not reduce the effectiveness of those involved.

  7. The team exerts energy toward problem solving rather than allowing it to be drained by interpersonal issues or competitive struggles

  8. Roles are balanced and shared to facilitate both the accomplishment of tasks and feeling of team cohesion and morale

  9. To encourage risk taking and creativity mistakes are treated as source of learning rather than reasons for punishment

  10. The team is responsive to the changing needs of its members and to the external environment to which it is related

  11. Team members are commited to periodically evaluating the teams performance

  12. The team is attractive to its members who identify with it and consider it is source of both proffesional and personal growth

  13. Developing a climate of trust recognized as the crucial element for facilitating all of the above elements.

Thanks for reading my article .This article is for leaders i will make article for team members tomorrow. I hope you wi learn.

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Have a nice day. Godbless

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Absolutely right dear

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thanks for your appreciation to my article . i will continue to write more article that will help and learn a lot

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