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1% to 10% Daily Profit Of BNB From Air Network

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10 months ago
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 Air Network is a new yield farming aggregator on Binance Smart Chain. Air Network is built with Anti Whale, Anti Rug and Anti Scam features with audit from Haze Crypto.

 The conclusion from Haze Crypto is there were no vulnerabilities, no backdoors and no scam scripts.

 Currently, it offers 3 different plans.

Plan 1 – Hydrogen with Daily Profit of 1%

 This is a plan that gives 1% daily profit without a definite period.

Plan 2 – Oxygen with Daily Profit of 10%

 This is a plan that gives a profit of 10% daily for 30 days. (Total Profit – 300%)

 Plan 3 – Nitrogen with Daily Profit of 7%

 This plan that gives a profit of 7% daily for 60 days. (Total Profit – 420%)

 There is a minimum deposit of 0.1 BNB and the maximum deposit is 1000 BNB.

 The minimum withdrawal is 0.2 BNB and the maximum withdrawal is 100 BNB. Withdrawal is once in 48 hours.

 Currently, it has a contract balance of 385.795 BNB with a total user of 261.

 Below are some screenshots taken from Haze Crypto.

 My Current Plan

 I have invested 1 BNB in its Oxygen plan that gives 10% daily earning for 30 days.

 The above plan is supposed to give me a total of 300% payout in the end. I can only withdraw every 48 hours.

 I figure that I can get a total of 0.2 BNB every 48 hours with my 1 BNB investment to satisfy the minimum withdrawal.

 Since it is actually a risk as our deposit goes straight into its contract so I really want to take the minimum possible risk based on my personal opinion.

 I figure that I can actually take back my initial deposit after 10 days. (0.1 BNB x 10 days = 1 BNB)

 After taking out my initial deposit, the rest of the 20 days would be pure profit without anymore risk. My only risk would therefore be the first 10 days.

 After getting the profit of 2 BNB, I can decide whether I want to reinvest into Air Network. This will make it totally risk free since I have taken back my initial deposit.

 The above was my plan when I invested but I found out later that there was a reinvest feature when I withdraw. I can only get 60% of my withdrawal to my wallet while 40% goes to reinvest.

In short, I would be taking 0.12 BNB instead of 0.2 BNB during withdrawal as 0.08 goes into reinvest.

 The whole circle before I can get 300% ROI would take me 60 days.

 When I recalculated, it will take me about 17 days to get back my initial investment. ( 0.06 BNB x 17 days = 1.02 BNB)

 It will be about two weeks but this could be a way that make this yieldfarming platform more lasting than others so that no one can dry out the contract with a short period while new investors keep adding their investments.

This is my current plan since I would still consider this yield farming site a high-risk investment especially it is new so it depends on the trust and the number of investors that it can gather.

It is really a bet but early investors do have a good advantage because we start earlier and we can usually get back our initial deposit at the early stage of most protocols.

This bet is still better than buying a lottery that we may not strike a win. We should invest with what we can spare so that it does not affect us too much even if the investment fails.

If you are interested in this, I would really appreciate it if you can use my referral link below.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth.

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10 months ago
Topics: Earn crypto
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