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Changes in the creative industry economy make competitiveness hotter, even conflicts and trade politics occur in a short time. trade pressures show that the country's prestige and image are the main choices.

One idea changes the world economy, it's no secret that the diamond idea that emerged was stolen and became the basic material in developed countries. this problem triggered a conflict, which resulted in the termination of cooperation in various economic fields of copy-pasting products that had been carried out by one country.

China's largest source of copy paste products

Maybe you know the progress of the industrial economy in China, almost all products are made based on copy branded products from western countries. for example the blackberry phone that dominates the world's mobile phones must produce the same product with a different brand issued by China by making the price cheaper. and other technology products. In this way the industrial economy in China is growing rapidly and is even able to rank among the developed countries.

Real performance by business people to reap satisfactory results and negative effects.

In fact, this phenomenon is technically unavoidable in life. unique business creations when launched will trigger others to imitate, perhaps with a little trick here and there. It's natural for the owner of a business idea to feel disappointed, and to judge people imitating his business as "unethical", uncreative, and so on.

There are at least three advantages of copy-pasting.

  • The first is the low demand for creativity. It doesn't take a lot of thought, research and study to make a product.

  • Second, with this practice, business can be done instantly. It doesn't take long to learn, which can result in lost business opportunities.

  • Third is the market that is already available. In general, people imitate businesses whose market potential is quite large, and the market is already familiar with the business. Thus, there is no need to study the market for the product. Despite the hefty marketing costs of conducting a market study, this process is often time consuming and requires patience.

This advantage triggers many people to copy-paste in starting their business. This is especially true for people who are new to the business world, such as employees starting private businesses or retirees turning to the business world. In the short term, these advantages can be considered. For example, copy-paste a business whose market is ready, meaning that it can enter the market directly by offering it at a lower price during the promotion period.

Competition requires hard work, sharpening the brain and mind. the image of the country is maintained until the end, the prestige shows who is the best. although the way copy paste is done.

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That's right. Like here in the middle east, most of them are made in china, unlike before when my boss said, because before most of the products came from Europe. Now, the problem here in saudi arabia is that many are made in china.

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yes that's how they work. because of the price competition they do by providing cheaper prices so that products from Europe are stopped in production. that's also the original product from Europe

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