Sovryn DEX Bitcoin's lending pool in the dex has been exploited!!

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11 months ago

The Sovryn DEX website is under maintenance because they are trying to fix an exploit detected on the rBTC lending pool.

If the hackers are sophisticated enough, they won't need the website to interact with the contract and drain it. They won't need fast BTC either. If they have their own way to interact with RSK and Sovryn pool lending contracts, they can kiss those funds goodbye.

Now if they use the PowHSM bridge and the funds don't end up on layer Layer 1 as stolen funds it will mean the whole RSK network is centralized as hell and you got bamboozled into believing it was decentralized.

I expect the FastBTC bridge to be 100% centralized but not the PowHSM. I expect the interaction between the smart contract to be possible without the website. If those funds are seized it will only mean Sovryn is not decentralized at all and just pretending to be.

Developers now have a hot potato in their hands and we must ask for details once the results come in because if the attack gets stopped thanks to centralization and not security or well-written smart contracts you can kiss the Sovryn dex goodbye too.

You damn if you do, you damn if you don't. I like it now Sovryn can go to zero much faster and end the suffering of investors.

We will need details on this hack to finally know how decentralized or centralized shit really is.

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