SmartBCH dexs are not building new features.

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11 months ago

I abandoned SmartBCH one year ago because I decided to test other side chains in other networks. I was speculating on MistSwap token and I sold everything back into Bitcoin Cash. I was not a victim of the centralized bridge, but many were and continue to be to this day.

The features that the first three dexs offered haven't changed since I left. They are all offering the same functions, and I would dare to say that some have even reduced the number of features users can have because they no longer offer that functionality. You are supposed to build during bear markets, settle down and start building so that you are ready once a new bull run comes around. And yet I have failed to see that in the first 3 dexs. I will point them out by name, BenSwap, MistSwap, and TangoSwap.

I understand the bridge between layer one and smartBCH has been broken, and I do understand that investors don't know if Coinflex will ever give the BCH they hold back to smartBCH investors. We don't know either when Sha-Gate will be ready because Sha-Gate was supposed to be ready by now but it is not either.

People do know the issues smartBCH is having but that is no excuse for developers to stop building the projects they started, and if they believed in what they were building just before the bridge fiasco they would be building left and right. If nothing more those that were developing just before the bridge collapse should be building so that when the bridge is ready they will have projects that are fully featured and ready to go without having to make investors wait for features.

Those developers are taking investors for a ride and if you hold those tokens you should be aware they are not playing fair with you because while you hold their token and they probably sell, you are left holding the bags and get no features to show for. MistSwap hasn't added any feature whatsoever to their dex since at least six months ago and instead, they have started building in another chain, and yet you still may think they have a smartBCH project in the heart.

What I am saying is that it is time to call things for what they are, and start pointing out those that don't build anything and just want to take your money, and if you have money I will beg you to please do your research before investing into any smartBCH project.

If the developer hasn't built anything for the last 6 months you shouldn't invest in that project, if the developer is involved in other chains, or is also developing for other chains you should think twice before investing in that project, because you can't serve two masters at the same thing eventually you will disappoint one of them, and you should also observe if developers are not trying to dump on other projects to try to pop up theirs.

And I would add that shouldn't invest a penny as long as the Sha-gate bridge is not ready or if a temporary solution that involves multisign wallets with at least 10 or more participants. And I would say that even if Sha-gate comes online and those dexs I mentioned before don't have a full-featured project you dump them and never buy the project even if they promise new features because they are having all the time in the world right now to be building and instead they are wasting their time and taking investors for a spin.

I would also add that once Sha-gate comes online if they ever come online that you only invest in old projects if they offer a fully featured project regardless of what their project does. Otherwise, just allow those who have been building behind the scenes and that was willing to risk the bridge never working.

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11 months ago