My current thoughts on some dexs in SmartBCH.

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11 months ago

I just started joining back in all the relevant #telegram channels and groups about #BitcoinCash, #SmartBCH, and some of the tokens inside the side-chain.

I am joining them again because I want to find out what developers of the #BCH community are working on, and what good news I can find not just about Bitcoin Cash but as well as developing news inside SmartBCH and its tokens.

Verse token will launch on Nov 1, 2022. Now I am wondering what that will mean, not just for investors but for the whole SmartBCH and BCH network.

The issue of CoinFlex and recovery is still ongoing and we know that they will sell the BCH held by Coinflex. And to tell you the truth, I think that those buying the Verge token may get bamboozled because those funds could be used to pay for other things instead of developing the new dex.

RogerVer has been a nice guy for all I know but I can't trust him with my money on projects that his companies may start, not even if that means his new adventure is separate from any other of his other projects. I fear that the funds collected from Verce could be used to pay up for the Coinflex issue instead of paying for the development of the new projects. That action is called embezzlement.

So I will only invest in any other SmartBCH token once the bridge is fixed, and I will only invest in Verse once I know that Roger Ver did no wrong concerning Coinflex and SmartBCH.

I have monitored the development of MistSwap, TangoSwap, and BenSwap.

I left SmartBCH one year ago, it has been one year and the only difference between those dexs is that TangoSwap added limit orders or an order section to the dex, mind you that feature took at least one year to develop. Mistswap the developer is also working for another chain which means their time will be split between many other projects, those that serve two masters soon or later that servant will fail one of his masters. I didn't find anything new about BenSwap but that exchange I sincerely don't like it so I wouldn't invest in it even if I had the money. I guess it is my issue to only invest in the underdog instead of the sure thing.


I will be observing four dexs in the order in which I write them: TangoSwap, MistSwap, Verse, and Benswap.

I will only invest in them once I have a clear answer of when Sha-gate goes online or something similar to a better bridge something like or equal to a multisign bridge meaning that you will need more than 5 signatures to move funds between SmartBCH and BCH. And on Verse, I will only invest once I have ways to prove funding won't be used for other endeavors besides and only for the Verge project.

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11 months ago