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The United States is going to hell in a handbasket.

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5 months ago

The United States has been seen as the beacon of hope, opportunity, and dreams. The United States is in a state of decay. Privacy is a thing of the past; now, the American dream has become the American nightmare.

The cost of living has increased so much in the last year that now a pound of meat costs at least 50% more than one year ago, you could blame it on inflation, but inflation didn't get here on its own, out of thin air. Inflation shows its ugly face when politicians and barkers get together and print money, and one gives it the blessing. The other one goes right into printing.

The pandemic was the perfect excuse to allow the government to print money, money that it didn't have, and instead, borrow it into existence by borrowing from the Federal Reserve. The Fed will gladly lend to the United States because the US citizen is the donkey that keeps paying (taxes) just the minimum payments on Uncle Sam's credit card.

It is not that all the money went to stimulus checks. Some of the money went directly into businesses that the rich already owned, and another church went into fake companies so that they could receive help from the government. It was meant for struggling companies; companies that didn't need the money but knew how to get around all the requirements and legalities got the money. And investigating who cheated the government will take years, if not decades.

We knew that those stimulus checks would have a hidden cost, and one year later, we are starting to see the actual cost of printing money of thin air. Every product you need to sustain life is at least 25% more expensive than one year ago, rent in the US is going up and up, and many people can't afford it any longer and are now becoming newly homeless.

I know high inflation is not an issue just in the United States but around the world, and the reason is that all economies are not linked one to one thanks to globalization. And we must add that if first nations get a cold, third world nations catch pneumonia. In some countries, it is much worst than in others. In some nations, hyperinflation is a thing of the past and an everyday reality.

That is why people must realize that we need money that the government and central banks can't print. They will not be able to confiscate your property first by inflation and later by deflation until you wake up homeless. The church got separated from the government long ago. Hopefully, the people won't fight the separation of money from the government with weapons, but instead with brains, but you must know that separating money from the state will have some cost in the end.

If the government can't print money or authorize third parties to print it on your behalf, the fruits of your labor will be yours and yours alone, and at that point, you will have a free society. One society that doesn't lose its private property to banks through interest manipulation. And it will become independent from any government, and as such, it will have to fund all its projects on a pay-as-you-go basis, just like the Founding fathers wanted.

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin so the regular citizen could have a cash system and unit of account that central banks couldn't print. He titled Bitcoin a peer-to-peer cash system because he understood that society needs truly decentralized money and that people could keep private keys without needing a custodian.

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Written by   292
5 months ago
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