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R.I.P. John McAfee, you will live forever in the cryptocurrency world.

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5 months ago

In honor of John McAfee and in recognition of his speeches that now remind us of what he told us about privacy. If memory serves me well, he was a Monero advocate because of how MXR works.

John McAfee was found dead at his jail in an Espanian prison. Judges rule in favor of a United States extradition for tax evasion charges. John was in jail because he refused to pay taxes and was on the run for the alleged crimes. McAfee declined to pay his taxes in fiat, so the government probably decided to charge him with blood to make an example out of him.

John tweeted that he would not take his own life and told us that in case of suicide, the public should know that someone decided to shut him down. He told us that he had enemies that would seek to destroy him and that they would make it look as if he had taken his own life. He warned us that he was very content and happy with his life, even in prison.

According to the government, he allegedly owed taxes to the US government because he got many cryptocurrency payments. Allegedly he received around $100,000.00 for tweets as payment. We know he promoted many crypto projects that, in the end, resulted in being just pumps and dumps. Because of his cryptocurrency business, he was being tailed by the government.

If Mr. John got paid to promote projects that, in the end, failed, that is not entirely his fault, and just because you encourage something doesn't make you responsible for others' losses. People should make their own decisions before buying any assets, yet the FCC was after him for promoting the so-called pump and dump projects. And Elon Musk is doing the same thing with Dogecoin and Bitcoin, and it seems like no one is saying anything and crying to the government because Elon is pumping Dogecoin. Elon has the government's blessing for pumping and dumping Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Now John's widow is seeking justice in the John McAfee case, and she wants an investigation on his husband. John had a partner inside the jail cell, but at the moment of his death, he was not present; this case needs an investigation because his widow says that John was not suicidal. His widow also says that his tragedy is the United States' fault. We will have to see what investigations say and the result in this case.

But now he is dead, and we must remember the good things he told us and forget the bad things he did. We must forgive his transgressions and place in honor of his memory all the good things he said and did. We must learn the lesson as well and remember that we are trying to remove money creation from the government. We are trying to remove that power from the government, and we must have present that government will fight us to death for the privilege of printing money.

Many governments are happy with the ability to print money and will fight Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer currency to the last consequences. Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin, the powerful and wealthy fear because it makes fractional reserves and the current banking system useless. Those who get power from the current banking system will not relinquish that power that easily. Let me remind you that separating currency from the government won't be easy and won't be without a price.

And just like your forefathers paid in blood for the liberties you enjoy today, those trying to give us the freedom of monetary policy will probably spend the same price. Mr. John McAfee is just the first blood spilled over the idea of an independent economic and cash system that the government won't be able to print or control.

And one thing that McAfee always liked to talk about was privacy, and yet the latest attack on cryptocurrency as a whole is Tornado Cash. If Ethereum goes proof of stake, the government will force large stakers to confiscate or censor certain transactions. Coinbase has said they will shut down their staking operations if that situation arrives, but I think they are lying. Look what Github did with the Tornado repository. Companies shouldn't have the opportunity to decide who can transact what and when; Ethereum allows this by going proof of stake. It is clear for those with open eyes to see, not greed.

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Written by   292
5 months ago
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Feeling sad to hear about his death in prison. I hope his wife succeed to get justice, if it was not suicide.

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5 months ago

We will see, it has been quite a while, and I haven't checked the news to see how their case is going.

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5 months ago