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If it is a currency, use it as such.

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5 months ago

One of the things that I have learned besides working and saving so that I can have my dreams come true from time to time is to let destiny do whatever it must do, especially if you know that eventually, you will get there. It is hard to explain, but sometimes you have to let go of things because deep down, you know you will be better off, but you don't have certainty in this life about many things, and at times you must make a bet.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies is not just about sitting with your coins in your wallets. It is also about taking risks and listening to other people for advice, but in the end, it is all about the decisions you make, how you take them and when you take them.

Because we all want to get rich, we forget that Bitcoin was supposed to be a currency first and not an investment vehicle, but the world is going to do that which feeds people's desires, dreams, and sometimes greed. Bitcoin Cash was born because, unfortunately, Bitcoin is no longer a currency. Still, just a speculation vehicle, those promoting Bitcoin now will tell you to buy it and hold it, but in the meantime, they are manipulating the market. Since everyone is having it and not using it, it makes it much easier for the manipulators to manage and much more manageable if everyone is holding it.

The truth is the more you use Bitcoin as currency, and the less manipulator can manipulate the market because they don't have data to feed into their trading algorithms. When people use it as currency, the data coming is all messed up, and bots can't work that well. But that's not everything; if you use your Bitcoin Cash as cash from time to time, you are investing in the other coins you have left because using your coins will drive up adoption down the line.

I am not telling you to go and use all of your Bitcoin Cash either and become coinless, and I am telling you to use your Bitcoin Cash strategically so that you can have profits as you wait for mass adoption. Not to forget that using your coins is already producing adoption.

If Bitcoin Cash becomes the number one coin, not only will you have riches in the future, but if you use your coins today, you will be a lot richer than yesterday, but today, if you strategically use your coins, that is. No one can predict the market, and technical analysis can only take you so far, so from time to time, you must trust your instincts to make the right move. You will feed your instinct data on top so that you can make not only an instinct call but also an educated one. Many will think that is just luck, but in reality, it is not. It is just that your mind is so connected that it seems as if you have a lucky trade.

The rich do program the future. In other words, they program the lot for what will happen because they make it happen by paying people to do their bidding, but they can only go so far as the people getting paid to allow them to. That is why the rich want the poor to have as many responsibilities as possible because that way, you are forced to work for them until you die.

In cryptos, you are the owner of your destiny. If you are willing to put up the work and the sacrifice for it, your fate will be a lot different if you don't try to make it happen, and a good instinct is to learn to have patience and let destiny run its course instead of you chasing it.

The market is coming down in the case of BTC from $50k to the current price, and people feel like they must buy today because it will never be this cheap. Same with BCH, the price is below $200, and people think they must purchase today because, by tomorrow, it will be $1000. You must pay attention to the price, but from time to time, let the whales kill themselves and fight between themselves. Once they are exhausted, pick them one by one.

Crypto news is not always crypto news many times, and people pay to put positive information when it's convenient to them or bad news when it is convenient to those paying for the news channels. I write because I want Bitcoin Cash to be adopted and for my 4 BCH to reach higher prices, the same thing the rich crypto whales do, just that they have more money to pay others to do their bidding.


Bitcoin Cash was created to be a currency; first and most, everything else will come because of it, and not after it, so if it was meant to be used as a currency, by all means, use it as such.

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Written by   292
5 months ago
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Seeing the current situation of BCH, everyone should use it strategically, instead of keeping all their assets in wallet.

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5 months ago