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Increasing Information Pollution and Countermeasures

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1 month ago

Internet usage is increasing day by day. This means the continuous growth of the virtual world with infinite ends. Social media users get the biggest slice of this cake. Pictures, videos and thoughts about politics, sports, daily life, business life and sometimes private lives are shared. Constant followers access information about people they know or do not know and what they do almost every second. There is a constant flow of information. But this information is not always accurate.

Recently, "information pollution" has been increasing, especially in such media. If we make a brief definition of knowledge; “The name given to all the real facts and principles that the human mind can conceive” is another explanation; “Things learned or taught about a subject or business” are the dictionary meanings of knowledge. If we explain it more clearly; “It is the totality of all kinds of reality and understanding obtained through research, learning and observation.”

I don't think any of us will object to accessing information, or rather real information. Because we all have the right to learn the truth on any subject. We will also object to the efforts of some power and power holders to cover up the facts and make them unknown.

As people who pursue real knowledge, the issue we will object to is "information pollution." In an environment where there is a constant flow of information, we have no choice but to accept what is going on as normal, when there is no mechanism to control the formation of pollution while an idea is produced against each idea and when this power internet is used by people who are opposite to each other.

We are experiencing difficulties every day in reaching the right information. When we have to do research on any subject, we come across a lot of information from many sources. While some of them contain the truth, some of them stand before us as untrue.

All we can do here is pass the information through our own and some reliable filters. Some of the things we can pay attention to are as follows.

-whether the information contains an advertisement

-lack of information

- the impartiality or bias of the person sharing the information

- whether a commercial income is generated from the information

- adding biased comments to information

- sources of information

- ideology in knowledge

- bias in information

-direct false information

-the moral relationship with those for whom knowledge is useful

These are some of the filters that come to mind. You can add your own filters to them. The event here is the effort to distinguish between "true knowledge" and "pollution". When everyone shows this devotion, pollution disappears. The truth sometimes remains as bare as the sun, although some may not like it.

I also come across information pollution on the platforms I use. When I add factual comments to these, I am directly blocked. I can say that the reason for this is both the emergence of deficiencies in information or their lies. It is also intolerant of criticism. They want their own words to be accepted as the only opinion. Either shut up or stand with him.

Information pollution does not exist only in the virtual environment. The city we live in, the neighborhood, the street appears everywhere. Additions or deletions are made when a job you do is explained to the third party. Your action takes a completely different turn as it is transferred to the next people. We may become wrong because of those who carry this so-called true information on a subject that you were suddenly right. The name of the information pollution here is "gossip" among the people.

I can do nothing but wish that virtual or real information pollution does not make you suffer. Just keep your strainers clean and sieve tight. So stay face to face with the facts. No negativity should prevent access to information.

Thank you for reading. Let this be a gift from my third day in the village to anyone who visits my rose and bud article. Keep in mind that there are thorns in the rose, just as there is dirt in knowledge.

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Written by   146
1 month ago
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This good

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1 month ago

Agree with you. It is benefiting the society and polluting it. Young people are reacting more to society.

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1 month ago

I agree with this. To my understanding, it's very much recommended to check everything if it's impartial or not before spreading it to others.

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1 month ago

If the goal is to access real information, yes, we should.

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1 month ago