Treasure of Vladiove - Lessons We Need to Learn In Life

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This is a story taken from the Classics :-

Vladiove was an old man in the market. Although a merchant, he was a poor man. The entire responsibility of a large family was on his shoulders.

One day, on his way to the market, Vladiove 's youngest daughter told him she wanted a cake.

“I will buy it when I return. ” Vladiove pacified his daughter and left.

Vladiove needs to reach the market through a jungle. The market was very busy that day. Vladiove 's fruits soon sold out. On the way back, he had a nice cake for his daughter.

Vladiove felt very tired halfway through the forest due to the rush in the market. He drank water from the stream and relieved his fatigue.

"Let's get some rest." Vladiove sat in the shade of a tree. But he sat there and fell asleep.

Vladiove opened his eyes when he heard a loud noise. Behold, all the birds have eaten the cake he bought for his daughter!

Unable to bear the grief, Vladiove wrote on a nearby rock with charcoal: "One hundred of you will become one of my arrows."

Vladiove got up to go. Vladiove did not know that someone else had reached the creek this time - a giant dragon!

Hampada! The rest of the thing after eating his story! ‘The dragon approached Vladiove . But the dragon was frightened when he saw what was written on the stone.

The dragon slowly approached Vladiove and said:

“Come on. Let's eat and go. ” Vladiove realized that the dragon was taking him away to eat. But if he is reluctant to go, he will get in right away!

Vladiove went to his house with the dragon.

 "Sit down. Let's eat something." The dragon brought a bowl full of figs.

"I need some water first." Vladiove said. The dragon brought some water in a bowl.

"I don't even have a sore throat." Vladiove said. The dragon was frightened when he heard this. ‘Oops! If he sees my treasure, he will take it away. Maybe give some before then. '

The dragon arrived with a sack full of gems. Vladiove knew that he could never carry such a large sack. Vladivostok immediately took the next step.

"Isn't it bad that I, a strong man, carry a sack?" When the dragon heard this, he went to his house carrying his sack.

"Stay here." Having said that, Vladiove went inside. After a while, his voice from inside:

“Get ready quickly. A dragon has come to eat us. ”

The frightened dragon dropped the sack and ran away! Vladiove and his family lived happily ever after, selling gems and trading well.

Lesson learned: In any case, if you act wisely, you will achieve elevation.

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Very good story, I love this. Dragon is my favorite character.❤

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I am also a Dragon fan dear

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