The Great Wars That Happened 6 Million Years Ago, Evidence Found in a Cave in Iraq

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Six million years ago, the ancient human race split in two. We Homo sapiens are the descendants of a group of people who lived in Africa. However, the Neanderthals were the first human race to dominate Asia and Europe before the Homo sapiens. The Neanderthals were not our ancestors but a fraternal species that lived with the Homo sapiens.

Evidence of what we were like can be found in the Neanderthals. Millions of years ago, the ancestors of man did not lead a very peaceful life on earth. Man came to the form he sees today after a series of rivalries, hunts and wars. Man has gradually spread over the earth, clearing more and more areas for food and security for children and their companions.

Like the Homo sapiens, the Neanderthals were herdsmen who lived in herds. With the advent of hunting and the rise of the food chain, battles between the Neanderthals for better and wider territory became more frequent.Fights for such an invasive institution are found not only in humans but also in chimpanzees. Wars between opposing male chimpanzees often end in the death of one. This behavior is thought to have originated about 70 million years ago.

War is not the invention of modern man. It has been between humans for millions of years. Neanderthals are the closest symbiotic species to humans. Neanderthals have 99.7 percent similarity to the human genetic makeup. They used fire and buried the dead in the crowd,The ornaments were made of animal teeth and mussels. Even stone temples were built by Neanderthals.

They were not far behind when it came to hunting. With sharp spears and stones, Neanderthals were able to hunt deer, wild buffalo, rhinos, and even the ancestral mammoths of elephants. Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the whereabouts of the Neanderthals.Broken skulls and broken bones of the hand in an attempt to break the body are believed to be the result of such encounters. A spear was found in the chest of a Neanderthal found in a cave in Shanidar, Iraq.

Neanderthals who lived with Homo sapiens did not easily tolerate Homo sapiens' invasion, the researchers said. Neanderthals have been fighting Homo sapiens for over a million years. This is why Homo sapiens born in Africa took the time to reach other parts of the world. Neanderthals were present in Europe and Asia at this time.

In the struggle for this survival, which lasted for tens of thousands of years, the Neanderthals dominated in many areas. Knowledge of the climate, food, and fauna of Asia and Europe, where they have lived for millennia, was also a positive factor for the Neanderthals. Physical size should be considered to have aided the Neanderthals in individual battles.The big eyes helped with the bright vision even in low light. This enabled the Neanderthals to attack in the dark.

It is believed that the Homo sapiens gradually overcame their limitations with strategic weapons such as bows and arrows and sharp spears to help them attack from a distance. The ability to run longer distances is thought to have helped them to escape after the attack.

Homo sapiens began its efforts to spread beyond Africa about two million years ago. It took about one and a half million years for the Neanderthals to come under the complete control of Homo sapiens. Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the survival of the Homo sapiens.

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