Tasty Prawns Recipe

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2 years ago

Those who like prawns can try this dish. Prawns are good not only for roasting and frying but also for pickling in a good traditional way. If you get a good size prawn, do not leave it out.

Let's see how to make prawn paste. Remove the head and tail of a good backwater prawn of the same size and keep it clean. Add crushed green chillies, chopped garlic, crushed ginger, good coconut oil and coconut.

When the frying pan is hot, pour in the coconut oil. It is estimated that coconut oil is as good as green chillies. When it is hot, add chopped green chillies. Stir well and add a little turmeric powder. Do not scatter as much as yellow. Just a little. Once heated, add the peeled small onions. Stir well. Add chopped garlic to it. Then add the crushed ginger. Mix well.

Add crushed chillies and mix well. Add enough salt. If you feel that the coconut oil is low, do not forget to pour a little coconut oil. The leaves can be removed from the curry stalks. Stir well. Add the washed and dried lentils and mix well. When one is hot, add half the amount of the material in the bowl and the grated coconut. Mix well. Put the cleaned prawns in it. Add a little coconut oil.

Add prawns, mix well and add remaining coconut. Pour good fresh water into it. Do not pour as much as the prawns are submerged in the bowl. The water level should be slightly lower than the prawns. Keep boiling well. The frying pan should be covered for a while with a well-ventilated pot. When the steam comes, pour a little coconut oil on top and break both the curry leaves. Ready to catch a good Kitukkachi backwater prawn.

Take a sip and put it in your mouth. The beauty of coconut oil. Kuttanadan prawns' fleshiness, which is dominated by the burning sensation of chillies and the grip of tamarind. Taste of the tongue has begun to flourish.

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