Israeli researchers have shown that humans can live to be 500 years old.

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Some researchers claim that they can prevent the aging process in a group of adults. If a team of scientists at Tel-Aviv University in Israel is right, aging can be stopped. Oxygen therapy at Shamir Medical Center was found to be extremely beneficial. The researchers said the experiment was performed on 35 volunteers over the age of 64.

The researchers gave the volunteers 90 minutes of pure oxygen daily in a pressure chamber. The scientists were shocked by the experiments, which took place five days each week for three months. They say that in order to break the cycle of two factors that accelerate aging in the human body.They claim to be able to reduce telomere shrinkage and prevent the accumulation of senescent cells. Scientists say that all 35 participants in the experiment were able to stop the aging process.

There is a definition of telomere that is the part of the chromosome that looks like a cap. This part protects the cells from being damaged during self-replication. During each replication the telomere has a problem and it shrinks. It gets smaller and smaller every day. When they are too small, they cannot be replicated. This is where the aging process begins.The scientists who conducted the experiment said that they were able to reduce the damage to the telomere. In addition, their discovery is that they can reduce the number of cells that die. Scientists have successfully experimented with what they call Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It is claimed to reduce the impact of both major aging processes.

The researchers say that the length of the telomeres of the participants increased after the experiment. The average increase is up to 20 percent. They also claim to reduce the risk of degenerative cell death by 37 percent. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. Telamiere shortening is one of the central components of the aging process.Many pharmacological and environmental interventions have been made in the case of telomeres in the past. Researchers now claim that the attempt to lengthen the telomeres was successful. In any case, the change in the length of telomeres before and after the experiment gives new hope to the scientific community.This may divert studies of the aging process. Basically, scientists involved in experiments will consider new observations as to whether they can inhibit the aging process at the cell-biological level itself.

This is just one of many new experiments being done to reduce or eliminate aging. It is part of the effort to overcome aging and live longer. A group of scientists believe that aging can be treated like any other disease. Scientists claim that the changes they can make in just three months are astounding.

This is not the first attempt to reduce age. This has been the case for thousands of years. Attempts to reduce age in Ayurveda started about 5000 years ago. This is called Rasayana. About 5000 years ago, King Gilgamesh of Egypt also tested the possibility of aging with Chinese medicine.Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen about 2000 years ago, is said to have tried to reduce the impact of the aging process with donkey milk. Donkey milk is still used in many cosmetics. The market for products that claim to work against aging is estimated at 1,19,34,096.24 United States Dollar.These are best sold in China, Australia, India and South Korea. Bill Maris, an American businessman who introduced Google Ventures, says that it will soon be possible for humans to live to be 500 years old. He says science and technology will make this possible.

But why humans are trying to prevent aging is still an unanswered question. Psychologists say that the desire to be young has been found in humans for thousands of years.It is hoped that this will help avoid retirement. But the Chemiang region of China is a perfect example of the fact that one does not have to rely on science alone to survive long. Most of the people here have lived to be over 100 years old.The people of this region depend on agriculture for their livelihood. There are no industrial areas nearby. In short, they have a very clean atmosphere. The other is their diet. They get a lot of unripe fruits and vegetables. Also, they work in the fields until the very end.

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