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John McAfee, the cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy, recently launched GHOST Coin. Coin is available for swapping at McAfidex with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Transactions made with GHOST currency are verified with the help of Zero-Knowledge Proof, which means that the transaction history will be deleted after the transaction process.

GHOST is basically a proof of GHOST token that users and users have complete control over the network. GHOST does not include any central authority and is run and maintained by the GHOST community.

McAfee aims to bring about a revolution by launching GHOST currency after setting up a cloud cyber security firm from a device.

In the video, McAfee explains the scheduled air drop and how to take a snapshot. Each token holder will receive an acceptance of one GHOST from Air Drop. McAfee says GHOST is the first genuine privacy coin with built-in second-generation privacy capabilities.

GHOST can be called a decentralized exchange, which is relatively secure and secure from other exchange platforms. McAfee put more emphasis on comparing centralized and decentralized exchanges with reasonable examples of why and how decentralized exchanges are secure.

He also talked about Morrow saying that the currency is smart but a disadvantage of not having a decentralized platform. McAfee believes that true privacy is possible only on a decentralized platform

Even if you do business privately, there are various disadvantages of not being a decentralized exchange. Your privacy is always compromised. Centralized exchanges require a lot of information, including your name, transaction details, and sometimes your passport details.

McAfee seems to fully support decentralized platforms. He believes it is very reliable to make a deal. Not only security but also decentralized exchanges keep you away from government or central authorities and keep data very safe from hackers.

Everyone who actively participates in the GHOST network will receive an effective offer to share in their transaction fees using GHOST Master Mode. The network is fully capable of processing transactions within 60 seconds with a low fee charge.

There will be a fair share, where 25% of GHOST coins will be distributed among ESH holders. The remaining volumes will be used for the reward of proof of stack.

By launching GHOST, McAfee aims to enhance the token privacy game. He had previously claimed that it was impossible to keep track of transactions with GHOST.

McAfee is proactive and honest about his views. He has been open-minded and has always talked about the importance of financial privacy, which is why he came up with McAfeex in 2019. GHOST launch of the McAfee project to build a decentralized exchange is probably completing a circle. GHOST completes project as Intensive Privacy Token on Decentralized Exchange.

That in itself is a great combination. It has acquired financial freedom.

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