Bitcoin-themed NFT Card Set Launched on Satoshi's White Paper Anniversary

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Bitcoin Origins, a series of non-fungal tokens based on the history of Bitcoin, will officially launch on October 31 at 10:31 AM PT. Aiming to raise awareness about Bitcoin, the very rare NFT collection highlights the most important moments in the history of Bitcoin.Bitcoin Origins has partnered with amazing artists to recreate at least 15 seconds in Bitcoin history. Today marks the release of Moment 1, the White Paper work, with more to come

"Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies have a marketing problem," said Jeremy Bourne, CEO of Coin Genius and co-founder of Bitcoin Origins. “NFTs are a way to solve that and help make Bitcoin more widely available.We have created unique artistic assets with educational dimensions to arm people with knowledge of why Bitcoin was created, why it exists, and why it thrives and thrives. ”

When it comes to Bitcoin origins, everything is there: Satoshi's white paper, Genesis block –– you name it. Every moment will be a little different. Each new card will be released as its own block. The first release is a 1MB block containing one card and the opportunity to receive a bonus "Death Card"; It pays homage to the exaggerated reports on the demise of Bitcoin. There will be 2MB and 4MB blocks for purchase, which will be available (sold) once the 1MB block is fully mined.

Paul Jenkins saw bitcoin and artwork around the world’s first digital currency, so he joined the Bitcoin Origins team. Jenkins sees NFTs as a new medium of storytelling, shaping the many characters that helped lift Marvel Comics out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

"The origin of bitcoin is not just the history of bitcoin - it's a game," Jenkins said. Value is in the community. That’s what made Bitcoin work: value was about understanding people. We are breaking new ground with Bitcoin Origins and NFT. We have new ways of telling stories, and NFTs are a new form of storytelling. ” Birth said: “It’s about the artistic nature of the piece. People hold these at high value because it is very rare and limited, and it is tantamount to owning a piece of Bitcoin history. ” Anyone can join the Bitcoin Origins story, play generically, fill out and receive genetic NFT.

About the Origin of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Origins is a unique collection of digital collectible cards that immortalize the most important moments in Bitcoin history. These cards are for Bitcoin fans around the world who want to own a rare piece of Bitcoin history. You can now join the community at Telegram ( and stay up to date on

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