Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Dogecoin Price Analysis : Last Weeks

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Price charts during the press show that the distorted sentiment is regaining control. Witnessed normally high volatility compared to previous trading sessions.

Most of the major alts lined up against the buying sentiment. After a short pump and dump event, Bitcoin cash was seen consolidating. Dash and Dogecoin struggled to make gains, as they continued.

Bitcoin Cash has naturally been a direct hit since it was sold last week. Digital assets have fallen more than 8 percent since the beginning of October. At the time of writing, the BCH is trading at $ 218.95, and the one-percent resistance below the critical support level is at $ 220.04.

A short pump, a spike volume that appears on the level after the dump event, BCH continued to exhibit a flat price movement.The dotted lines above the parabolic power candles indicated a recession. The relative strength index was found to be very bearish, just below the neutral zone.

For Dash, the 15-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) was found to turn to harm below 50 EMA. This indicates short-term momentum to support at $ 64.30

A break below the 65.5 pivot level may lead to a situation where dash bulls fail to prevent losses in the coming trading sessions.A break below the 65.5 XNUMX pivot level may lead to a situation where dash bulls fail to prevent losses in the coming trading sessions.

Informing Digital Asset Investors Twitter has recently announced the release of Dash Master Node Tool v0.9.26-hotfix3 on the official Twitter handle. The upgrade will allow users to connect to v0.16 nodes.

Dogecoin finally broke the $ 0.0025 resistance following adequate selling pressure. This can be a reversal after a short descending channel pattern; However, this scene does not end there.

The Money Flow Index was well below zero and the capital inflows were much higher than the capital inflows. This signaled a situation where large-scale sales were taking place.

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