With Omar : What Can add Value To Bitcoin Cash ? Interview

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Today , I am curious to ask @Omar some questions related to bitcoin cash. More specifically , What can add value to bitcoin cash as a currency ?

That question was rolling on my mind from the early morning and I find that Omar is the right person to ask .

You can check his own Noise.cash Profile as usual for some Astronony Thoughts .


1. @omar Why SmartBCH ? and it can add value to bitcoin cash as a currency ?

Yes, it brings Ethereum smart contracts to BCH. It adds value for sure.

It is a little complicated. basically it makes BCH just like Ethereum: "programmable money".

2. I got the point , according to you What other things that can add value to bitcoin cash ?

I think BCH is already great enough. Of course there is a lot of work being done by developers.

But I think what can add the most value is us, the people: using it in our daily transactions, and talking about it, using it to send money to family overseas, etc.

3. So wise words @omar .As for Marc de mesel , do you think he is playing key role in BCH adoption ? Because I am curious in a daily basis about that dude ?

Yes, of course. Marc donated to many BCH development projects.

he is the sole sponsor and backer of noise and read dot cash, spending $4000 worth of BCH / day in noise . cash, plus $1000 / day in read . cash!

I appreciate his generosity very much.

4. The main question , if two main BCH platforms funding is related to Marc de mesel , if for example one day that investor decide to stop , will that affect BCH adoption ?

These two platforms helped tremendously with BCH adoption.

They popularized the idea of "micro-tipping".

The "free tips" help a lot of people get introduced to BCH and crypto,

but in the long-term, it is the people tipping each other for good content that will sustain these two platforms.

5. Great I take that as an answer , what about about Roger ver @Omar , do you see he is playing a great Role ? Even his appearance in noise and read.cash was too rare ? what do you think his new plans for bitcoin cash ?

Roger is one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin. He backed Bitcoin Cash when the BTC/BCH fork happened in 2017.

Roger continues to support BCH, its development, and its adoption.

He is still very active on reddit!

6. @Omar do you think that there are new investors will get involved into BCH revolution ? And if so , will the BCH value grow in 2022 ? what are your predictions ?

There are always investors coming and going.

Bitcoin Cash price trend has not been good, especially against BTC and high flying cryptos, so it is not especially attractive to the typical investor in the crypto space.

but I think a lot more people will start using BCH and realize how useful it is. that is much more important in my humble opinion.

7. I am grateful for your patience and kindness @omar do you have some points to add mainly to BCH enthusiasts and also ordinary people ?

whatever crypto you choose, don't try to time the market and day-trade. you will lose money most of the time.

Author Insights

At the end of that interview with Omar , I learn many things .

A. SmartBCH can bring bitcoin cash to the top and increase its value on the long term . Bitcoin cash can be a main competitor to other coins ( ethereum for example).

B. Despite BCH is not still attractive to many investors , but it has a chance to grow tremendously due to mass adoption and tons of individual efforts which are done in a daily basis.

Bitcoin cash adoption is already done and that is the main point . Hope there are many surprises that will be the reason the making BCH go to the moon

If you have an idea you can find me noising cheers !


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Good work.

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I am happy you are here @unity , yes it is done with efforts of @omar

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