The Bitcoin Cash Podcast Meme Competition ( WIN BCH)

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To encourage and promote grassroots marketing in the Bitcoin Cash community, and to have some fun, Jeremy and Luke are running a special community-submitted meme competition as a segment on the (future) Bitcoin Cash Podcast episode #42.

Submission Criteria

Entries must be memes, but the term will be construed broadly, including:

  • Jpegs

  • PNGs

  • Gifs

  • Video edits

  • Funny poems or comments

  • Etc.

Memes should have BCH as a theme, but again the room for creative freedom will be interpreted broadly - so divergence into geopolitics, monetary policy, crypto as an industry or other areas of society or culture are permitted provided there is some reasonable tie in to BCH.

Meme “edginess” is also permitted, judges recognise that part of quality memes and humour often involves pushing the envelope in some aspect, but judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their own discretion. There cannot be complete open slather as the dark depths of the internet should never be tempted.


  • 1st: 750 mBCH (0.75 BCH)

  • 2nd: 325 mBCH (0.325 BCH)

  • 3rd: 175 mBCH (0.175 BCH)


Judging is entirely at the discretion of Jeremy and Luke. Luke has a soft spot for “Bchungus” memes. Judges will be looking for an arbitrary combination of the following:

  • Humour

  • Promotion of BCH values

  • Viral potential

  • Meme-worthiness

  • Originality

  • Cultural relevance

  • Wit

  • Community response (when submitted publically)

  • Entirely subjective enjoyment factor


Memes must be submitted by Thursday 10th March at 11:59pm GMT.  This allows time for their collation before the show.

Submission Method

  1. Submit as a reply to the announcement Twitter thread: . Note that this public submission may help to generate positive community feedback which will be considered in judging, but also expose strategy to other entries!

  2. Submit as a reply to the announcement Noise: 

  3. Send on Telegram to or

  4. Email as an attachment to

Results Announcement

Meme submissions will be reviewed and the winners announced on The Bitcoin Cash Podcast Episode #42, sometime shortly after the 11th March.

Good LUCK Everyone

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Nice opportunity !

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1 year ago

Hope for you the best of luck friend.. all conditions are easy ..

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1 year ago

We can submit several entries or only one?

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1 year ago

It sounds exciting. 🙂 Maybe I will participate. I created only one meme in my whole life 😄 so this will m, second if I will do it. Challenging.

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1 year ago

yes join I find it your best

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1 year ago