The Art of Becoming a Millionaire

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If you are sincere in your ambition, and ready to do everything that needs to be achieved dream of getting rich, these are several steps that will take you from bankruptcy to wealth:

In general, earning more money is easy to say and difficult in its application, but most people have multiple access options to this goal, such as discovering ways to earn additional income, or to engage in some high-paying jobs, or start taking the first steps On the way to becoming a businessmen who earn up to 300000 dollars per month.

1. Get rid of your fixed salary,

we notice that many business owners , local and global institutions, they were bold at a certain age their lives and quit their main jobs and start laying the first stone

It is a basis in their private publics, knowing that it is not required that yoou should be young oe Too old to take this step.

Have you heard of what he did Jeff Bezos Preston Jeffrey (Founder of Amazon),The second richest man in the world, before he got to where he is now?

He leave his main job for which he receives a salary and now he gets paid $100000 per minute.

2. Sublime instead of bragging:

Don't buy expensive things just to brag that you are in a jolly financial position, only the rich know very well the value of money, so they don't buy fancy clothes and carsBeautiful and luxurious homes until make sure that there have huge projects .They have a lot of money,

As long as you are young and have not yet reached the stage of wealth; try to direct your attention to how to make more money and reinvest profits, Young people are the group that spends the most money and the most frequent visitor to commercial centers, and most of them, unfortunately, allocate a very important part oftheir income to buy clothes, accessories, and other things that they do not have any need to.

How do you become a millionaire when you spend everything you earn?

3. Change your financial mentality:

Getting rich starts with the way you think what do you believe about making money; Millionaire (Steve Siebold) says Siebold Steve (Author of How Rich People Think): The SecretWealth is a way of thinking.

4. Create multiple sources of income:

This is simply by increasing the sources of income,Where he found (Corley Thomas John)

In his study, which lasted for five years, for the owners of the money; that Most of them depended on multiple sources of income, including three.sources, and some of them relied on four sources, and some on five or more sources.

Further, additional sources of income can include investing in real estate,investing in stocks and projects, or participating in a businessExtra with another person or people

5. Saving money to invest ; Cardone says:

Start by putting your money in secured accounts and not spending it, Thus, a person should increase the amount of money he saves over timeIt lies in making a decisionTime, and the hardest stage to become a millionaire .Investing this amount, because it has the effect of magic in achieving returns High, which makes this process automatic.

  1. Strive to earn millions , not just a million; Cardon wrote:

The biggest mistake I ever made was that I didn't think big enough ideas,I encourage you to seek more than a million dollars, because there is no There is a shortage of money on this planet but a shortage only of people Who don't think big enough.

In conclusion , we will have a second part soon about the art of becming a millionaire. Stay blessed.

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All these steps are essential in order to becoming successful and rich in our lives..great one mate...keep it up

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1 year ago

Lol, awesome suggestion and peaceful advice... I will take it Because i know i still taken some miss path.

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1 year ago