Marc De Mesel , Feeling The Question of Life

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I am feeling the question of life . I am feeling if I am at a maze. To understand or not uderstand , sorry this is question of today.

Shakespeare is died and another person is taking his place to facilitate the problems happening within the world.

May be you or other one.

As I am contemplating , the crazy people , who are surrounding me and in a daily basis they keep toxinating me . They keep critizing my ideas about the meaning of liberty.

I do not want to be a normal one. Because , this is the quality of weak . I choose my own road even a lot against me.

It is simply the financial freedom that they cannot understand.

Mr Marc de mesel , can you imagine in a developing country ? I am working for 10 hours daily and for cheap . Only 5 dollars , this is wage daily .

Added to that also , I have no insurance and no hospital will accept me for free.

Mr marc de mesel , I am telling you that because I know who are you. you are a person who are supporting lot of youth.

I am working for 8 years and I cannot build a house. I cannot build a family and feel the sense of love . Because marriage is high and the world is in crisis.

I am at a young age but if I walk in the street , I look as an elderly person in a crisis. Because in my region , I am not treated fairly as a human who have rights even he does not have the tools to achieve his dreams . Many youth have projects but financing is a struggle .

No support from 2011 until this day , from any governement , for that miserable youth. why ?

I am graduated from the university but my diploma is not accepted for any job offer. I was applying to more than 100 job offer from 2013 until today but no one is accepted Mr Marc .

You may ask why because simply only incapable people work . I mean those who pay bribery working in my country and the rest they will suffer and work under the hardest circusmtances even they have the highest degrees in all the world.

But the poor person as in my case . what is his fault to work under exploitation and many big boss are exploiting and manipulating him without mercy. what is my fault if I want to live differently ?

Why I am telling you my Story ?

Mr marc , simply I am suffering mentally and physically . My family was affected and they were waiting hopefully for me to graduate and make them happy . But I will not be able to give them any happy moment. They are the only bread winners. I cannot help with anything at home specially during the crisis and inflation in the region.

I was intending to launch a small project. to help the family . I did many attempts and asked more than 8 banks on the region to fund me . All were refusing simply because I am poor and not an employee.

I hope I make a change in my whole life and live as a balanced person without troubles. Time is running fast. The more I wait , the more I suffer and get stucking on different new problems .

Until that time of writing that post , I am working under exploitive people . They can make any human work more and get paid cheap without any disturbance from him.

But in my case , I fight and do not let these blood suckers to exploit me and paid me as a slave . Simply because I am poor and needed person.

My aim is not to beg sir but to change the mindset and encourage youth under exploitation. I am not the only who suffer but many .

I want a new life : full of freedom , liberty and dignity sir . This is why I am writing for you.

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