BTC Maximalists why See Bitcoin Is better than bitcoin cash

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I have written that post for because I am eager to get answers to my questions and also know why btc maximalists do not see bitcoin cash as the real bitcoin.

1.White Paper Bitcoin is 12 years old.

Exactly twelve years ago, on October 31, 2008, a person or group of people under the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto" published / and WhitePaper of the world's first cryptocurrency - "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System".

According to them, that anonymous does not give signs that a new coin will take btc place.

They are too confident that btc is still the basic and no coin can overtake it.

2. Bitcoin is better than gold , according to btc maximalists

It is the view of the majority , because they believe that gold is not worth as btc . they told me a phrase said by satoshi .

As Satoshi said, “It would be wise to get some [bitcoins] just in case.”

so depending on that , they deduce that btc is the real gold not bitcoin cash .

But I will give the space to bch enthusiasts to repsond to that arguments . and I think that one of them is @Telesfor.

But what are the arguments that bitcoin cash enthusiast can give to proof that BCH is the real gold ? That is the question.

3. BTC as foundation of Web3.0

Yes btc maximalists are also basing their strong view that point and see that no atcoin can compete it on that.

According toBlockstack CEO: “Bitcoin will be the foundation of Web 3.0 and the digital society of the future.”

"Munib Ali. Throughout the history of human civilization, the standard of living of people has steadily increased with the advent of property rights When property rights arise, people begin to organize themselves Now property rights are on the Internet, and Web 3.0 ensures that people return control over their data and digital property ..

I believe that Web 3.0 will be based on blockchain, the same technology that underlies cryptocurrencies. The idea of ​​private keys in cryptocurrencies, which provides ownership of them, can be applied to the ownership of Internet assets.

4. They see bitcoin as an asset :

Here what a btc enthusiast told me without revealing his identity :

I am familiar with a number of thinkers who evaluate [Bitcoin] from a geopolitical and strategic point of view. I Work for a company that has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in Solutions Based on Macro Research. Therefore, we communicate with similar people, with people who think differently. They chart [Bitcoin's] route to its fifth phase (an institutional grade asset).

They are working on several scenarios. They put "markers" in the way of Bitcoin's development. And if you've thought about it before, these markers are easy to recognize. You can look at the market and see some of these scenarios coming to fruition... I think Bitcoin will be much more than just an investment, just an asset. It will become money.” -Plan B

Very little is known about Planb Himself, as He maintains an Anonymous Twitter account and does not reveal his own identity. According to him, he works in a fairly large company, thanks to which he is given the opportunity to communicate with "big players".

5. Old fashioned advices from btc maximalists :

  • Invest 10% of your wager in Bitcoin;

  • Buy a house with btc (any house, the main thing is to buy);

  • you can sell for trillions of dollars later.

  • ▫work two jobs, if necessary;

  • ▫Stay away from XRP from Ripple

  • The last one is the most shocking : only idiots buy bitcoin cash , simply buy any fraction of btc.


In short , I see btc maximalists arguments are multiples but to what extent are true in today changing world , I will open horizons to that questions for BCH enthusiasts to discuss.

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time will tell that bitcoin cash will overtake btc after 2 years. bch take all btc roles of 2009

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1 year ago

bitcoin market cap is huge but that does not mean that BCH cannot overtake btc on the long term

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1 year ago

whatever they say , bitcoin cash has many benefits instead btc . as roger ver was named bitcoin jesus now I think vice versa

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1 year ago

yes that what makes me have strong belief on bitcoin cash , as many investors turn to bitcoin cash in the future

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1 year ago