Will AI Threaten Human Creativity?

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1 year ago

Until now, we can still write and produce something through our hands. We invest skills in books and courses in technology, design and writing. But, we need time to digest all the skills contained in the book or course guide. So that, when everything has been learned, we can apply ourselves to the desired field of work.

Then in this era, the wealth of technology is updated so much that it can threaten those who have learned the skill for a long time. This will probably destroy the careers of people with AI (artificial intelligence) power at their disposal. Even though the skills that humans have learned have been digested for years and are easily replaced by AI robots that are ready to compete in this era.

This world is starting to be automated with technology even though not all fields can be operated. Starting from the administration of toll guards which are being replaced by electronic toll cards. In the financial sector, banks no longer provide facilities for opening new accounts by facing officers and having to prepare papers. Banks have started to automate the registration process via mobile phone by scanning National Identity Cards and video calling as verification from the account maker. Then, it continues to cryptocurrencies technology that easily blends into artificial intelligence. As an example, today's cryptocurrency trading can be automated with AI or we can call it trading bots, like CryptoHopper.


One of the things that shocked the world is that today's AI can touch the creative world where it is never thought of by most people. This is due to the assumption that AI robots are too rigid to work in the creative field because AI is formed on human logic itself. But, the reality is now different and AI is starting to enter the creative field. Recently, there is a new technological breakthrough where DALL-E2, MidJourney & Craiyon can create images just by typing the entered keywords. Then after a while, the image is done. From there, they have now managed to attract millions of users to be able to use their AI and this is an astonishing discovery. If you are curious, you can visit their website.

Then, the second real example is when we get acquainted with a smart robot named Ai-Da. Ai-Da is a robot dedicated to creating works of art such as poetry. The robot was created and developed by Aidan Meller. Ai-Da managed to compose a poem and she has sung it at the Ashmolean Museum as a sign of the 800th anniversary of the death of the great Italian poet, Dante. She isn’t only good at reading and writing, Ai-Da is also skilled in making other artworks such as "Eyes Wide Shut". The video snippet below is Ai-Da and the capabilities that she can do.

The two real examples above are proof that AI can compete with humans in the creative field. Ai-Da even tries to study human behavior so that the robot can imitate human habits and speech that it wants to explore. So, it almost resembles the way humans act.

So, do we need to worry about this condition? I think we can recognize that AI has approached the complexity of the creative field. But, we must still think wisely to find gaps that AI hasn’t been able to copy. Maybe the current AI hasn't eliminated humans. But, humans must be prepared for what happens in their lives. If we think too much about AI without thinking about upgrading ourselves as humans, it is tantamount to waiting for time to quickly fall behind. In the end, the human brain will beat other humans. AI is just the tool that drives it all.


Thanks for reading.

Photo source: Pixabay | SeanBatty (lead image)

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Is funny, yesterday I wrote something similar to this, I am glad that more people are thinking about this future issue.

Here is my article https://read.cash/@criptocu/is-the-end-of-readcash-and-the-human-writing-e5b32153

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1 year ago

Well, interesting. I will visit you.

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1 year ago

Technology has won the world already. Robots are now applicable in almost all areas of our living.

I'm imagining what the world would turn to in years to come

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Yes, I think this world will change, even it starts from now. But, we don't know how much impact we will receive.

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1 year ago