When You Always See Things Are Bad

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We never know what will happen tomorrow. We just try to implement what we can do today and predict tomorrow. Well, since no one knows what will happen tomorrow, most of us think too much about the worst risks. These plans are built in our minds because we need to prepare for unwanted risks.

Let's say your teacher will say tomorrow is the final exam. Then, most students will think about many things like exam rooms, stationery and possible questions that will arise. The worst scenario in the student's brain will arise if someone is not ready for the exam. Such a tense situation. But, although many students have prepared well, they still think excessively that the exam is really scary. This situation is normal. But, it will become a serious illness if you can't calm down and think rationally.

So, preparation for the worst risks seems to be a scourge, a syndrome for those who face anxiety. If you always like that all the time, then be prepared to get lost in the pit of the disease of "Catastrophic Thinking". Diseases like these don't just label the elderly. Even at a young age, it can be frustrating because of college assignments, many jobs and other life dilemmas.

Various triggers cause people to experience catastrophic thinking. First, when people get messages that are mysterious and ambiguous. For example, something like "you'll have to meet me in the teacher's room later. I have something private to talk about”. Such expressions indicate that there is something serious your teacher wants to talk about and automatically your mind immediately thinks bad. The second is an assessment of the magnitude of the problem. For example, debt problems with your business partners are much bigger than other problems. The third is the fear of something. For example, you accidentally hit a child with your car. Because you’re afraid of the risk of compensation, you choose to run away without being responsible and that bad experience will continue to haunt you.

That's where catastrophic thinking becomes serious. This has serious negative effects such as excessive anxiety and sadness. If this seems to get worse, it can lead to depression. In that bad situation, you can no longer decide anything important because overthinking will continue to run in your brain. Good handling is needed to defuse the clutter that you have in your mind.

Several ways can be done to relieve catastrophic thinking. First, people must be able to accept reality. What I mean is those good things and bad things have become a living unit that synergizes in every moment. Joys and sorrows are not eternal in life. All we can do is work hard and think positively so that luck is often on our side. Second, give positive affirmations in your mind. By giving positive affirmations, you rebuild your confidence to make important decisions without being distracted by evil thoughts.

Third, people need to get quality sleep. Maybe, your brain is too hot to think than relax. The brain is also like a machine, they need quality rest to get its freshness and best performance back. So, you need to wisely manage the time for sleep and rest. If the three things above can’t be overcome, you should need to check your condition with a doctor or psychiatrist. I hope this is the best way. 

Sometimes, we have to stop at complicated things to nourish our minds. Many people don’t realize that most chronic diseases come from a chaotic state of mind and psyche. Therefore, mental illnesses such as catastrophic thinking and overthinking cannot be taken lightly.

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