Pursue Inequality of Human Mindset and Its Development

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Most people know that there are so many countries, nations, tribes and ethnicities living in this world. Each country has its characteristics and differences, although there are also similarities that can be shared between one country and another. From the differences that exist, emerge inequalities in the way of human development, culture, economy and others that cause problems for a country. This complexity occurs due to various factors that can be started from history, human characteristics, geography, culture, norms and others.

From the point of complexity or diversity that has been formed, several countries have succeeded in building their principles and becoming leaders, the main actors that influence the world and other countries. Then, some countries are called middle-level or developing countries and lastly, a large number of other countries fall into the category of poor countries.

No matter where you come from. The more important thing is that everyone wants their country to be better on par compared to developed countries. But, many things aren’t the same which causes envy among those from developing countries. This is normal because everyone has a dream to live in a developed country. After all, everything has been there before and can guarantee a different quality of life when compared to countries that are at the lower level.

What is offered by developed countries, certainly has better resources than the level of countries that are below them. This is also caused by the problems that are in developing or poor countries which are much more complex than the countries above them in outline. Thus, they only had time to think about the issues that were in front of them instead of carrying out plans for the future.

Therefore, countries at the second and third levels need to be faster in processing human development and other fields so that they have the same quality and level as developed countries. A lot of “homework” needs to be done by third-world countries. There are many examples of cases that can be used as references and lessons for all of us.

In my own country (Indonesia), there are still many things that cause my country to stagnate in human development. An example of a problem that is often shouted about is literacy. Indonesian people are lazy to read, especially reading articles and newspapers which are quite long. Thus, better education will refer to quality in digesting the reading or articles to be read.

Then, the problem of religious disputes, inter-ethnic conflicts, corruption culture, cops who are only looking for money (even from the victims they are supposed to protect), disorderly traffic that causes accidents, the mindset of parents who are still too traditional (anti-criticism), a truth even if conveyed by only one person will be defeated by stupidity carried out by the crowd. Those are some examples that often occur in Indonesia where it is considered an obstacle to progress.

Such a situation is quite worrying because my country is also a strategic partner of a more developed country. The existence of developed countries only has an impact on the level of government and companies. At a smaller social level, it doesn't seem to change. Whereas, it is at the societal level that is crucial to get more serious treatment.

In essence, the country needs the essential elements to change. Well, to support it, education and learning mental & attitude is the most basic thing before a person develops to the next level. Because education teaches how to function the brain properly. Whereas, mental learning and attitudes are needed so that one's intelligence can be in sync with a good attitude and normal mental health. Thus, a person can maintain good relations with fellow social beings. Other learning can be followed as long as it has the 2 elements mentioned above.

So, I think that's what can be used to start changing humans in a better direction. If there are additional countries as examples or additional suggestions about building a better human being, please write them in the comments column. Thank you.

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Education has a good influence on the development of a country because human development is majorly a great part of the country's development and education does that for us

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Yes, if we want a good civilization, we must start from a good education.

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