Our Ability to Receive Waves of Information

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We are in an era that knows no boundaries that prevent humans from communicating. You also feel that digitalization is shortening human time to be more productive. Although this isn’t always the case or it further becomes of secondary importance to some people. Content on social media with non-productive themes appears more than higher quality content. 

Some content that is considered non-productive often displays the glamorous side of a person or famous figure. There is nothing to blame because the public themselves like this kind of thing. However, it's a shame because the content owners will benefit from them while the public will not benefit from knowledge, education or anything that can be brought to upgrade their lives. 

This non-productive content floods our daily timeline or newsfeed as if we are needed to see all their riches. All the goods, facilities, fashion and food that they exhibit are for the sake of content needs only. We are just casual viewers who aren't interested in what they have to offer. The exceptions for content creators who offer ways to make money to be on par with famous people. 

In this case, content creators who don't offer value for viewers, are considered unable to give something good to fans. Except for those who are fanatical. Then, all prank content or ridiculous jokes that are weightless, that doesn’t even represent that the digital world is a productive and good place to put your mind to. Unless the audience wants it to be. 

Then, we narrow it down to a question. Does the audience like that kind of thing? These answers vary from one to another. But, one thing is certain content that is considered fun is preferable to content that makes us rack our brains, even though content that is valuable or educational isn’t made to spin the heads of the audience.

This means that fun content is preferred even though it is weightless and has low educational value. Indeed, if we refer to standard rules, we still see the traditional reality that "entertainment is something to be enjoyed, not something to be learned" and most of the older generation still adheres to these principles.

From this condition, a question arose to me. So, how can humans survive and be more selective in dealing with various content that enters their social media? The answer is depending on yourself because the personal settings of each person's social media account are different. Then, there are influences from other people who will also change your social media setting preferences from posts that they have shared. 

The flow of information and sharing of content on social media is uncontrollable and each person has the right to create, edit and share what they or like. So, people have to act more selectively. This is because many of them lose productivity at work and study. After all, they don't realize that social media is a story that keeps on spinning. 

Therefore, as long as people have self-limiting abilities, they will not get caught up in the continuously moving waves of information. What needs to be done is to limit the time to play with social media and choose content or accounts that can build your productivity. So hopefully, you will be wise and smart in using this technology and the facilities available. Thus, it avoids the poison of social media which makes a person feel addicted from time to time.

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