Maintain Security Without Quality

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I believe that the advancement of digital technology today means that it can advance human development in a better direction. I also believe that this digital technology has a positive impact on brighter education. But, there are many factors why this development isn’t the same from one person to another even between countries. It is still homework for technology engineers to be able to solve problems and unite opinions for more planned development.

However, technology implementers often encounter a steep road where disagreements occur with state policymakers. Thus, this supposedly reliable cooperation can’t move forward. I often stroke my chest and want to throw eggs at the Indonesian technology department, which is very bad at dealing with technology issues. I hope those who read this can understand that this is the criticism I want to express.

First, you won't be able to move forward just because a tech company must require PSE verification. The government built a large budget only to build site verification which is considered to be often used by Indonesian users. Then, they did blocking unilaterally without wanting to hear the complaints made by internet users. They block important sites like Paypal, Steam, Google, GitHub, Figma and many more just to obey the law and have to verify PSE.


As a result, many Indonesian internet users are angry and complaining about the attitude of the Indonesian Ministry of Technology (this is called Kemkominfo) which is being ridiculous and shutting down the digital work sector, especially freelancers and gamers. They think that sites should obey Indonesian tax laws and must comply with Indonesian cyber laws. This baseless accusation was dismissed by many internet users. Netizens think that they just want to make the internet stricter by carrying out brutal censorship that injures freedom of expression and democracy.

Second, management of personal data security is very poor and injures the privacy of many people. When there is important data in the database, it should be maintained properly. So, some important user data such as Tokopedia user data and Indihome internet customer data can be sold through a site or forum. This leaves a very big hole because the people who work there aren’t qualified enough or don’t have the quality and techniques to handle quite complex internet security jobs.


This chaos in the work structure stems from the institution's longstanding bad culture. So, they don't have the quality to plan something for the long term such as thinking about data security or protecting user privacy from irresponsible hacking attacks. Initially, the institution tried to recruit young employees who were more creative and innovative. But, their careers can’t develop because the seniors or old employees in the institution can’t be replaced by young ones because they abuse their position.


Then, they kicked out the young employees for jeopardizing the careers of the old employees. In fact, the performance of the old employees was very poor compared to the new employees which had a much more positive impact. This chaos and silliness still continue to this day. So, no one dares to change except the president who has to dismantle this rot.


So, that's the silliness that happened that I've revealed. Aside from being a critique, this is also a lesson for all of you that if you want to pursue a further career (any job), you must bring quality within yourself because managing work without good quality will only create holes that will harm you and others.

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