Harmonization of Love & Hate

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In fact, anyone is free to express something either directly or oppositely. For example, if there is a mouse in the house, of course there must be a cat waiting there. Or if you like quiet things, maybe your friends prefer busy situations and other examples of opposite conflicts that you have understood according to the examples.

As well as your relationship life with someone. So, what I mean is that there is hate, there is also love. This often happens when these two variables form a combination between one person and another. With the term variable, I don't plan on discussing this to be any more difficult. But, it is only to illustrate that the two things do have their own combination.

This combination requires problem-solving or a logical proof base, even though the levels of love and hate aren’t always based on logic. First, we need to equate perceptions as said by Konrad Lorenz in his book entitled “On Aggression”. He admits or states that love is formed because of aggression. Aggression in the language of love can be understood in two ways. Aggression is perhaps an attack to express love. The second aggression is the pure sense of hatred. Then, the second understanding is closer to Lorenz's statement. 

This aggression or hatred is a natural trait that everyone has. This aggression variable is the starting point for the existence of love. Then, this becomes a very opposite and anomalous thing because transmitting love isn't supposed to give negative energy that triggers the relationship to end. On the other hand, this seems natural from a friendship point of view because the closer you are to your friends, the more stupid and rude someone will say and act, especially in friendships between men. Meanwhile, it would seem disgusting if they showed affection directly.

Another example is jealousy. A couple doesn't actually really hate their partner for being close to someone else. She wants to show the care that is converted by hate. In fact, such expressions are not channeled into positive energy. A partner may ask for a breakup or even slap her partner if she can't contain the negative energy that is rising.

Because of this imperfection, Lorenz's theory was refuted by Erich Fromm who rejected hate as the basis of love. In his book entitled “The Roots of Violence”, Fromm argues that love arises because of narcissism. This narcissistic sense becomes a thirst for love and a high sense of recognition that the individual must be considered the most special. This will also eliminate the relationship between the two variables. For example, if you hate a merchant who cheats on you, you certainly won't be interested in loving them. This removes the ties between the two opposite sides.

So, variable context only applies to 1 variable only. Just hate or love and there is no connection between them. So, that's what happens in the relationship between hate and love which has always been a harmony that colors human life. As an example from another case, how would you rate the treatment of Stockholm Syndrome? In my own opinion, this is a painful form of perversion. Basically, the victim hates and feels hurt by the perpetrator. However, the manipulative attitude of the perpetrator can make the victim still needs the affection of the perpetrator. In the end, this kind of love has become unhealthy.


So, what do you think? If you have another opinion, please write something in the comments column. Thank you.

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