Get To Know KODO Assets as a Token That Invests in Property

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Currently, quite a lot of crypto tokens are used for investment purposes. There are various investment methods such as staking, masternode, yield farming methods and P2E games. From there, people can get various benefits. Recently, the crypto world has also emerged with investment packaging that is different from before. In Brazil, they have launched a useful platform for investing in the property sector. The company is called KODO Assets

KODO Assets is a platform that provides property-based tokens which are used as the main material for transactions and investments. KODO Assets itself has tokens that can be traded to make it easier for customers to get affordable property prices. Because of their low cost, they also have lower risk than stocks or other investment instruments. In other situations, another form of advantage is the crypto market situation which makes tokens usable at various times and has better liquidity compared to the property business in general.

Then, the scheme used to rotate the economy is an offer in the form of a lease. This is intended so that users get a certain value which is distributed as dividends where the token becomes the property of someone for a certain amount of value shared by KODO Assets. The name of the token in this distribution is called KODO1.

In carrying out its duties, KODO assets distribute tokens to users who have purchased tokens. Then, the user will get rights according to the investment amount given by the user. Profit sharing will be channeled through USDC. In terms of the amount to be circulated, KODO Assets will issue 25k tokens selling for $140. Then, that comes with a KYC / AML verification fee of $13 for an individual and $25 for an institution or company respectively. The minimum transaction is 1 KODO1 token and there is no maximum amount to buy. The sale will take place this month, November 2022.

Tokens created by KODO assets are created and distributed under the laws of the Bahamas by which these categories are classified as securities or security tokens. Therefore, all token generation processes are subject to applicable law and it is thoroughly marked. The KODO token itself runs in a Polygon-based smart contract which provides access to both parties (between KODO Assets and investors) to be able to transact. The reason Polygons are used in transactions is that Polygons are a stable and promising infrastructure. Polygon has strong dedication and support to further refine existing technology.

This is a promising change in the property sector. In the future, maybe there are many more platforms that have sprung up to revolutionize technology and people. Change always comes from brilliant ideas and humans must be better prepared to face a newer era. If you want to know more, you can directly access the official KODO Assets website here.


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