Generations That Across History

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When I was a toddler, I asked myself a lot of things about how to walk or how to talk and actually, there are many things I want to know. I think this world stands on its own because I think smart humans shape everything. Then, when I was a teenager to an adult, I was awakened by many things so that I can understand many things from school and from my parents. 

There were many books on math, science and history that I studied. But, I'm more interested in science and history because math frustrates me and I feel weak. For science, I don't really like it technically but I like it historically where the innovators succeed in making changes. For example, figures such as Thomas Alva Edison who succeeded in inventing the light bulb, then Galileo Galilei an innovator who changed the transformation of communication and Henry Ford who managed to make a car for the first time in the world.

They were all influential figures who were initially considered stupid, crazy, deviant from religion and laughed at by people for their findings which were considered unrealistic at that time. Then, those people succeeded in changing the world, becoming the pioneers of world change that was recorded in history. We are awakened by history that deviating or making something unique from others is a not bad thing as long as someone does it according to the laws of logic, then takes responsibility and has evidence for their knowledge.

So, what causes someone to know more about the science or principles of something than others? The answer is because they are the first to know and learn among others. There is no doubt for those who are willing to change and adapt. A matter of adaptation, world war I and II changed the face of the whole world to adapt to leaders and all weapons needed. It's not just about who is stronger but also a matter of who wins the innovation over weapons. 

Countries with advanced technology are competing to innovate with sophisticated weapons, aircraft and battleships. Even today, they innovate with the creation of nuclear weapons. I'm sure something like that wasn't a sudden plan. But, they had thought about it year after year and passed generations far away. This is what I mean that generation can change history. But, hard work is painful because you have to experiment for a long time. If the country or even yourself don't plan for innovation carefully, you will just be wasting your time without producing anything for the world. 

Nowadays, the whole world is competing for anything. No matter what you do, whatever field you work in, you compete with various people and grab a position. If you offer something that is different and superior to others, you have something that could change the company because of your ways. If you are at the highest level at the company, your concept can be applied by the company for years. If you run your own business, you can apply the same thing.

So, in the same way as above, your principles and ideas will be used by people for years and you will be remembered as an influential person in your field. Then, you become a pioneer of a new generation that has quality. I understand this isn’t easy but also nothing is impossible as long as we have the capital or skills that we needed. For example, today's world of technology and crypto is changing the way people live and even changing their financial size despite the ups and downs. So, you can do something to create history.

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